Fixed Slowness

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We have a database look up that determines the nearby cities on the search results page that used to be fast, but when we put 813,000+ new Canadian postal codes into our zip code table it became unbearably slow (like 5-6 seconds). This caused a chain reaction and just made everything as slow as molasses in January. We made a tweak and I think it is a ton faster (less than 1 second), but let me know if it still seems slow. I think we can use a similar fix in a few other places and we will start to look at those now.

Any forum ideas

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We are going to revisit the forum, but before we get too far along on this I want to see if anyone has any thoughts on what they would like to see. We will probably not just grab phpBB or one of those other free forums (not that there is anything wrong with them, but again we have visions of grandeur).

So if we had a community forum, what kinds of features would you want if you could have anything?… besides a forum that mails $100 bills…

We want it to have local features like ask a question in an area, and then everyone in X miles of the target location would get a message on their My Foodio54 homepage, “hey I’m going to New York next month, where is a great place to go for under $100?” We want private messaging, … Read More »

Canadian Restaurants

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Foodio54 is now international! We are pleased to report that our first batch of restaurants for Canada is ready to be reviewed. We are still updating the listings to add more web addresses and tags to the listings. Additionally some of the French letters are causing us some trouble…at least I think they are French..I took Latin and Russian so I’m not the best person to ask but things like “�” we will probably just convert to their English counterparts and then switch them on searches to keep everything standard. I don’t expect this to take very long.

New location system

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We mentioned this a while back, and sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. We thought, how difficult could it be to give directions from an exact address? Well as it turns out it isn’t for the most part, but there are some big questions that we’ve needed to solve.

In order to find restaurants near and exact address we first need the exact address, and by that I mean the actual latitude and longitude. Computers are really much stupider than people think, 123 Main St might mean something to you, but in terms of a coordinate it means little to a computer. Typically we have used Google to cache these when restaurants are added and we have a table of all of the (centers of the) cities in America as well. Google is really nice and will give you the … Read More »

Squished bugs

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Perhaps that is not the best title of a post on a site about restaurants…but we have been busy making a lot of little fixes here and there. Most have been tiny little things here and there, but a few more notable ones are the following:

Edit a review is working again
Pagination bug where you could page past the last result is fixed
Padding issues on the search results page are fixed.
When editing a restaurant the text boxes are much bigger.

Also, we decided to push back our next spotlight feature perhaps a week or two, even though technically it is appropriate now…you’ll understand once you see it We also expect to have Canadian restaurants ready next week, probably on Thursday or Friday the way things are looking now.

Fixing spaghetti code

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We’ve been rushing to add so many new things lately that some of the code has gotten a little bit sloppy. We wanted to take a few days to step back and clean everything up before we start to tackle new features.

Once this is done we will have a new spotlight feature and we will expand to include Canadian restaurants (probably near the end of next week)

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