New search results page

Posted on September 17th, by Foodio54 in Development. No Comments

We are pleased to report that we’ve put up a new search results page.

We I (Drew hated it from the beginning) felt that the map on the old page, while providing great context for the area was just too big and took up too much of the page pushing the search results down. On some resolutions you would not see any of the search results at all, which is really not what we wanted.

In addition to moving the page elements around we also did some work on the map interactions. Now if you hover over a listing the map will center itself to that listing and it will be highlighted in red. The map will also scroll down the page with you so that it is always visible.

Lastly, we added a legend to let everyone know what the different colored … Read More »

New member home page

Posted on September 9th, by Foodio54 in Development. No Comments

We’ve spruced up the member home page to better highlight what you can do on Foodio54. We also wanted to highlight the recommendations, and give an indication of how sure we are of their accuracy. Once you’ve rated at least 10 restaurants we will show you a score of how accurate your recommendations are. The more ratings the better the recommendations will be for you, and you will also help us make recommendations for other people as well.

This is really the first of 3 steps of big changes to come in the not so distant future, so stay tuned we’ve been reading your feedback and we’re working on some great new features.

If you’re not a member, you can sign up for free!

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