Colonel Sanders Strikes again! Now he’s targeting Latinos!

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Back in the 1940’s Colonel Sanders revolutionized the fried chicken industry. Actually, there wasn’t really much of a fried chicken industry until Col. Sanders revolutionized it.

He created his now famous chicken recipe that has been the preeminent chicken flavor ever since. Now KFC is introducing their new Smoky Chipotle Crispy chicken.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to develop this new flavor,” said James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer of KFC. They’re taking chicken in a whole new direction trying to capture chollos and chicanos as well as well as their traditional african-american base. This new flavor is designed specifically to excite the taste buds of hispanics all over the nation.


About KFC
KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Ky., is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. There are more than 14,000 KFC outlets in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, serving some 12 … Read More »

Rising gas costs hurt restaurants

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Restaurants may be hurting this summer as record-high fuel prices keep more Americans from traveling.

AAA had projected a 0.9-percent decrease in travelers for the Memorial Day weekend, with 37.9 million Americans expected to travel at least 50 miles away from home. This would be the first dip in Memorial Day traveling in at least eight years.

The fear among operators is that fewer people traveling, coupled with tighter spending by travelers when dining out, will hurt restaurants’ bottom lines.

“Countless businesses large and small across the United States depend on the summer leisure traveler for a large portion of their annual revenue,” said Robert L. Darbelnet, president and chief executive of AAA. “This spring high gasoline prices appear to be dampening our society’s intent to travel. If a trend toward higher gas prices and fewer travelers were to continue, … Read More »

We Don’t want no Stinkin Kids!

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Or at least Craig Gereau doesn’t want any stinkin kids.

Craig Gereau, manager of the Red Thai restaurant in Silverton, Oregon announced that young children are no longer welcome in his eatery.

He cites the fact that children are loud, smelly, and disruptive, but he also failed to mention his inherit dislike for the women who accompany these “children”.

According to recent reports, women who take their children out to eat are pushy and demanding. These women expect to get the “same” service from restaurants as other patrons when they are obviously converting a nice quiet restaurant into their personal play pen.

“We’ve had to turn away a few young parents. -They’re a little bit appalled, a little bit annoyed, but we have to do what we have to do. We can’t stay in business to please everybody,” Gereau said, “I’m not discriminating against … Read More »

Why is this guy so angry?

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Well that’s easy!….this guy is angry because…well…he’s not a guy!

Khadijah Farmer , a 28-year-old lesbian, ate at the Caliente Cab Restaurant Co. last July with her girlfriend and a friend after marching in the gay pride parade in Greenwich Village, NY.

When Khadijah went to use the restroom, the restaurant’s bouncer told her men were not allowed in the women’s room. Ms Farmer said she told them that she had ID to prove that she was a girl, but that the bouncer was not interested in seeing her photo ID.

Khadijah said, “People come in all shapes and sizes, and they shouldn’t be discriminated against because they don’t match someone’s expectations of how masculine or feminine they should be.”

Now, I’m not sure if anyone has been following this story, but I sure feel sorry for the bouncer that made this mistake. Now … Read More »

The world’s most expensive burger

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A Manhattan restaurant is offering a hamburger that costs $175 and is topped with gold.

It’s made of Kobe beef. It comes with black truffles, foie gras and Gruyere cheese in addition to gold flakes.

Wall Street Burger Shoppe co-owner Heather Tierney thinks of it as “a work of art.”

Tierney says the item attracts Wall Street types who down a few beers and then fork over $175 to show off to their friends.

How to make $347 Million in one day!

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So how do you make $347 Million in one day? Don’t know how? Well, just ask Julia Stewart chairman and CEO of IHOP. Just yesterday I was talking about how IHOP was planning on selling off all of their Applebees restaurants (which was breaking news at the moment) and just as they were planning on selling they were already positioning themselves to sell off 187 of their locations. Just as you’re suspecting that adds up to $347 million. They’ll pocket about $294 million after Uncle Sam takes his cut, which is not bad for a days work.

IHOP plans on using the proceeds from this sale to pay down debt. The buying group includes Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund LP and Drawbridge Real Assets Fund LP, which are affiliates of Fortress Investment Group, a New York-based asset manager.

The deal isn’t actually final … Read More »

IHOP is trying to sell

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IHOP is trying to free up capital to bring down the amount of corporate debt that they have. There plan is to sell or refranchise all of the Applebees restaurants that they have.

IHOP owns more that 510 corporate Applebees which they have managed to sell off 41 of them so far. They plan to have the rest of them sold or refranchised by the end of the year.

The avg. Applebees is being sold for around $1.86 million so if they manage to sell the rest of them off they’re looking to pocket about $867 million!

Sizzler’s not goin anywhere anytime soon

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Good news for all you Shooter McGavin Fans out there….you can still invite shooter to dinner at Sizzler after you attempt to “wack” Happy Gilmore.

Plans to sell the Sizzler steak brand have been put on hold because of declining conditions in the financial markets, officials were scheduled to announce Monday.

Australia based Pacific Equity Partners hired an investment banking firm Houlihan Lokey in February to find a buyer for Sizzler USA. PEP bought Sizzler in 2005 as part of its $210 million buyout of Sizzler’s then parent Worldwide Restaurant Concepts Inc. Sizzler USA operates or franchises more than 300 units in the United States.

�We have gotten a lot of interest from potential buyers,� said Kevin Perkins, acting chief executive of Sizzler USA. �However, the restaurant and credit markets have declined considerably since earlier this year, so we made the … Read More »

Papa John’s makes marketing blunder, or did they?

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One problem nation brands have is when the interests of one locality conflict with those of another. For example, say you have stores in Cleveland, Ohio and Washington DC, and let’s say hypothetically that those teams are playing together in an NBA playoff…oh wait that did happen. Lots of companies will like to show their local customers that they support the local team and offer some sort of promotion for the occasion. It would be wise though for companies to realize that what happens in Washington DC does not stay in Washington DC, and when Papa John’s decided to create t-shirts with “Crybaby #23″ the people of Cleveland were not happy to say the least. As a fellow Clevelander, we have been without a championship for quite some time, so when our only promising star who may actually bring us … Read More »

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