Digg getting into collaborative filtering

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It looks like Digg is getting into collaborative filtering.

Collaborative filtering is the process of taking lots of data, and being able to make recommendations from it. For example, on Foodio54 if you rate restaurants we will determine who you are similar to and what other restaurants you may want to try. For Digg they will of course be recommending stories, but the concept is the same.

One thing that will be an interesting challenge for Digg is that their ratings have only 2 possible values, “dugg” and “buried.” For Foodio54 (and Netflix, the king of collaborative filtering) we have 5 star ratings so if you rate something a 5 and I rate it a 4, we’re not the same, but the algorithm can see that we are somewhat similar. This concept is also helpful because if we recommend something a 2, … Read More »

5 Nasty Drinks

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This is a list of 5 of the nastiest drinks that I know about.

1. The Bed & Breakfast

The Bed & Breakfast is one of the foulest drinks of all time. You need to be a “True Blue” alcoholic to appreciate this one. First pour in 1/2 oz of Maple Syrup. Then mix in 1 1/2 oz of vodka [Ok doesn’t sound too bad yet] into a martini glass. Add one fried quail egg, a small toast round and garnish it with some bacon. Now you have a truly disgusting drink.

2. Aloe Vera Tea

This is something that you can get in China, but it hasn’t made it’s way over to the States yet. The Chinese apparently like the taste of what we use to cool off a sunburn. It’s a drink that tastes like its been in a smokehouse.

3. … Read More »

New feature: default location

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We get a lot of great feedback, and one of the more common requests is for the site to be able to remember where you live so that you don’t have to type in a location every time you’re looking for a restaurant. After I read a few of these recently I thought, geez why don’t we do that it seems entirely useful and plenty of other sites do it too.

So if you are signed into your account you can click on “My Foodio54″ and then the profile tab and check the box that says “Always default search location to my address” and it should work right away. For privacy and security we decided to set this to off for all existing users, but going forward new users will automatically have it selected to begin.

This is entirely optional, we only … Read More »

Restaurant Des La Scientology

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If I were Tom Cruise, What Kind of Restaurant would I like to Go To?

Has any Restaurant Web 2.0 asked this question? I don’t think so. So today I’m going to embark on another Foodio54 first. We are going to explore the inner workings of Tom Cruise’s mind and decide what kind of watering hole a Super-Scientologist might like to visit.

First things first…Do scientologists eat food?

This may seem like a simple question, but how do you know unless you ask? It is entirely possible that Lord Xenu gave Scientologists, or at least Tom Cruise, the ability to survive by converting light into energy. Plants do it…so maybe Scientologists can too. Well, after doing some extensive online research I have found that Scientologists do indeed eat food just like you and me and do not survive through photosynthesis.

Second things second…What do … Read More »

Time to Wok the Dog! 4 meals From Domestic Animals

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Food is a substance that binds cultures together. Different kinds of food can unify and define countries and regions. Sometimes a certain kind of food that one group enjoys may be offensive or downright disgusting to another group. The French have long been called “frogs” because of their taste for the amphibians [or is it because they look like frogs? I can’t remember].

Today we’re going to look at some of those meals that may be considered a little taboo here in the States or at least in most parts of the States.


Bosintang is a dog stew which is commonly available in restaurants in Seoul and throughout Korea. As an ingredient, dog is not as common as beef is in the U.S.; it is considered to be more of a delicacy. Traditionally it is a seasonal favorite that is most popular … Read More »

The 5 Most Disgusting Dishes Ever

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There is truly something wrong with the world that we live in. People will eat just about anything as long as other people tell them that it’s a delicacy. This is a short list of some of the most disgusting dishes that I’ve heard of. If you know of any others let me know, but as of right now I don’t think that there is anything more absolutely disgusting than the following…

#5. Scrapple

Where: USA


It’s sort of a gelatinous mass made up of the aforementioned strange pig parts (lips, snout, organs, etc.) plus a bit of cornmeal and whatever the hell else you can find lying around. This grayish mash is apparently cooked for a while before being poured into brick-sized molds to solidify! Sliced and fried. This can be served as a sandwich or as a meat loaf.

#4. Baby Mice … Read More »

Restaurants offer relief for high gas prices

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Now that the summer driving season is upon us gas prices are climbing even higher than we expected. National gas prices have hit a record and are holding at $4.10 a gallon.

Restaurants are certainly feeling the pinch as consumers have less money to spend on food and they may think twice about driving far to go out to eat. Because of this, several restaurant chains are offering incentives to lure people back to their restaurants.

On June 26th Jack In The Box is offering two free tacos to any guest who shows them a gas receipt. Terri Graham, the chief marketing officer said the giveaway “is our way of letting guests know that JackOs got their back”.

Even the health conscious customer has a restaurant on their side. Evos, a health-focused fast-casual chain is doing something similar. They are offering customers a … Read More »

Do Not Eat Food Prepared By This Man! …especially Steak

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This next story was inspired by the film Waiting.

Ryan Kropp, 24, of West Bend, was fired along with another cook after the incident Feb. 23 at the Texas Road House restaurant in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Kropp was charged in Washington County Circuit Court with a felony of placing foreign objects in edibles, carrying up to 3 1/2 years in prison.

After his guilty plea Thursday, Judge James Muehlbauer scheduled sentencing Aug. 12.

The criminal complaint said that when a manager asked a customer how his steak was, the customer said it was somewhat overdone, although he had almost finished eating it and refused an offer of a new steak.

But the manager insisted on having Kropp prepare a new steak the way the customer wanted it, medium rare, so that he could take it home.

The customer called the restaurant and police after finding hair … Read More »

If at first you don’t succeed

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Just an update on moving servers, we have run into several problems doing this, but we are finally making progress again. I would really rather not try to guess as to when this might be completed, but hopefully it will be very soon.

The problem is mostly that we have a ton of data that is constantly changing, so by the time that we move it it’s already out of date. I think I have a plan to get this all over, switch the code to pick up the new server, and then go back and pick up any changes, but we’ve made a real mess of things trying that in the past.

As with any technical challenge this one will be solved, but for now know that we are feverishly working to get this over to the new faster server.

Top Chef Stephanie Izard

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Stephanie Izard is enjoying what she calls her “15 minutes” of fame. Last week Izard became the first female to win the Bravo reality show.

Izard admits that it’s “getting a bit crazy” now and that she’s also getting tired from all of the excitement.

Even though she is just getting started Izard is already working on opening a new venture in Chicago where she used to run a seafood restaurant, Scylla (which is unfortunately now closed). When asked what advice she would give to other young aspiring chefs Izard said:

“It’s a tough industry but if you love food and you’re ready to work your butt off, keep going. It’s challenging. You’ve got to put thought into making your dishes. Keep it clean and simple. But don’t do too much over-thinking or get all fancy. Go with your gut, have confidence and … Read More »

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