Interesting stats about the 600 closed Starbucks locations

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We do enjoy looking at Starbucks data, and when we found out that 600 stores would be closing we were curious, why these stores? So now that the list of the first 50 store closings are available (we found this on, we can look to see if there are any similarities between the closed stores.

Our hypothesis was that over saturation of Starbucks was to blame, and we expected to see that locations that had a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks were being phased out. We did find one gem like that, but overall we found that the Starbucks locations that are closing are actually much less likely to be close to another one.

Before getting into the data, we noticed this perfect example of Starbucks ridiculousness.

Starbucks on 8017 W. Florissant Avenue

  • 8017 W. Florissant Avenue, Jennings, MO 63136 (closing)
  • 8007 W. Florissant Avenue, Jennings, MO 63136

Our first reaction was that these were clearly duplicates. However, it appears that the 8007 location is inside of a Target and the 8017 location is a free standing store. In this case the Target location will remain open and the free standing store will close, perhaps the rent is less inside of the Target?

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Now for the Starbucks closure data

We were able to determine that a typical Starbucks store has…

  • 0.70 other locations within 0.25 miles
  • 3.68 other locations within 1 mile
  • 22.94 other locations within 5 miles

Of the Starbucks locations that closed…

  • 0.19 other locations within 0.25 miles
  • 0.81 other locations within 1 mile
  • 14.33 other locations within 5 miles

So clearly, the stores that are closing are more rural than average, and are not, as we suspected, locations that have too many stores for a single location.

We will be watching for the other 550 closures to see if this kind of trend continues, if there is something else you would like us to check for please drop us a line.

Lastly, here is a Google Map of all of the Starbucks locations that will close (that we know of so far), you can click on the map markers to see information about how many other Starbucks stores are with 0.25, 1, and 5 miles.



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