Time to Wok the Dog! 4 meals From Domestic Animals

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Food is a substance that binds cultures together. Different kinds of food can unify and define countries and regions. Sometimes a certain kind of food that one group enjoys may be offensive or downright disgusting to another group. The French have long been called “frogs” because of their taste for the amphibians [or is it because they look like frogs? I can’t remember].

Today we’re going to look at some of those meals that may be considered a little taboo here in the States or at least in most parts of the States.


Bosintang is a dog stew which is commonly available in restaurants in Seoul and throughout Korea. As an ingredient, dog is not as common as beef is in the U.S.; it is considered to be more of a delicacy. Traditionally it is a seasonal favorite that is most popular in the summer. Dogmeat is also supposed to be a male stimulant that increases sexual stamina and even though there is no scientific evidence to back it up….a lot of Koreans agree that “eating dog meat rearry gets me randy”.

Horse Burger

Technically, you can really use horse meat any way that you can use beef [and it’s healthier for you]. Even famous Chef Gordon Ramsay has spoken out about using horse meat in lieu of beef. He even jokingly referred to making a Barbaro Burger after the famous Horse that decimated the competition at the Kentucky Derby in 2006. There is actually one horse meat factory in the U.S., but most of that meat is used in food for zoo animals or is exported to Europe.

Cat Meat Balls

Cat meat is typically eaten in southern China and in Northern Vietnam, but it is not confined to those two countries. Even though cat is eaten in China, it is an unpopular subject and the Fangji Cat Meatball Restaurant was stormed by animal activists and forced to shut down in Shenzhen, China. Cat can be used as a substitute for rabbit meat and they are sometimes referred to as a “Roof-Rabbits”.

Cavia porcellus

Did you know that Guinea Pigs were originally bred for their meat!? Guinea Pigs are what happen when you let Peru breed animals for dinner. In fact, even though the little rodents have become popular pets around the world it continues to be a significant part of the diet in Peru. If you want you can actually order up the rodent in New York State where it is legal to eat it [NYC has made it illegal though…sorry].

If you know of any other domestic animal dishes let me know and I’ll include them in updates.

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