Did someone say Free pancakes?

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That’s right. It’s National Pancake Day and you can get a stack of them for free by stopping in at any IHOP today between 7 am to 10 pm. IHOP is doing this to support local childrens hospitals. You don’t have to leave a donation when you go to IHOP for the free breakfast, but don’t be surprised if you get a sideways glance or two if you stiff “the children”.

In 2008 IHOP raised more than $875,000 dollars and they’re hoping to exceed that this year. Hopefully they can even though people definitely have less coin to spare. So stop by your local IHOP, grab some free pancakes and donate what you can to your childrens hospital.

Free Quiznos Subs!

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For the price of a little spam, you can get your hands on a free small signature sub or small every day value sub from Quizno’s. Just goto millionsubs.com and enter your contact info and they will email you a link to print your coupon.

Just provide Quizno’s with some basic information about yourself (including your email) and you’ll get a link to print out a coupon for a free sub. You can always opt out of their offers… although perhaps there will be more free giveaways so that may not be a great idea.

A word to the wise, make sure that you have your printer setup properly! I clicked print and the printer was messed up, unfortunately for me the coupon window goes away and there is no way to get it to come back without adding another email (which … Read More »

Before I was a Big Mac

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One Burger Reminisces about his days before McDonalds.

McDonalds Employee Shot At Work not getting Worker’s Compensation

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Late last August Nigel Haskett was just going about his business in the McDonalds in Little Rock, Arkansas that he worked at. Then out of nowhere a domestic dispute erupted between a man and a woman. Nigel intervened after the man, Perry Kennon, hit the mother of his child across the face. Soon afterwards Perry Kennon gunned down Nigel.

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Nigel was shot multiple times and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. During the criminal proceedings the Judge that sentenced Kennon described Nigel as a Hero. But now the insurance agency that represents McDonalds is saying that they are not responsible for any workers compensation for Nigel’s injuries. Nigel has almost $300,000.00 worth of medical bills already not mentioning time lost working and any rehab that he may have to go through. The franchisee of the Little Rock … Read More »

The Boy who is Allergic to Everything (almost)

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Meet Tylor Savage. Tylor is 14 years old and is allergic to almost every food in the world. He was 4 the first time he got violently sick after eating and he just kept getting worse and worse as time went on. Doctors were baffled since they could find nothing “wrong” with him. It became so serious that by the time he was 10 he weighed less than 50 pounds. Doctors were still stumped by what could be wrong with this little boy so they tried taking out his appendix.

Nope, that didn’t help.

Doctors finally started to zero in on what was wrong and took him off all food and started feeding him a liquid formula through a gastric tube. Tylor ended up being diagnosed with eosinophilic enteropathy. Which essentially means that his body’s immune system was fighting food like it … Read More »

What Will Starbucks Do To Make A Buck?

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It has come to our attention that Starbucks is going to start offering their coffee in the form of Instant Coffee. Think Maxwell House and Folgers. I think this is definitely a sign of the times when a gourmet brand starts offering a low end product to expand revenue.

This shows that Starbucks’ competitors have really hit this coffee giant hard. Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have both targeted Starbucks and appear to be tightening their grip.

People just aren’t willing to stand in line for 15 minutes to order a $5 coffee anymore. I know that I’m not…and I used to be a Starbucks Junky. In fact, I went to Starbucks so often that I couldn’t order a different kind of drink. I would get to the counter to order and the baristas would have already prepared a venti skim latte for … Read More »

Blind Man Not Allowed to Eat at Quiznos

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That’s right! A man trying to enter a Quiznos in Southfield, MI was not allowed to bring in his service dog that helps him move around.

What is even better is that the man, Bob Rehan, is a teacher for the Jerry L. White center which is a school for the disabled. Bob was out with a class of disabled students and they decided to stop at the Quiznos for lunch. when Bob tried to enter the restaurant with his seeing eye dog Martin he was refused entrance. Both him and a colleague from the school tried to explain that service animals can go anywhere people can go but management at the quiznos still refused to let him come inside.

Bob decided not to call the police and embarress the children and decided to just leave the restaurant and file a complaint … Read More »

New York Welcomes Jollibee

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Jolli who? It’s not very often that people are excited to get a new Fast Food restaurant in their neighborhood, but this is not the case for Filipinos in New York City.

Jollibees is a very popular fast food chain in the Philippines with over 600 locations. But this will be the first Jollibee to open up on the east coast. Before, you would have had to travel all the way to California to get a Chickenjoy (which is one of the chains most popular dishes).

For all of those Filipino-Americans located on the east coast this is a blessing to be able to get the same kind of food they got back in the Philippines and this is an opportunity for the rest of us to try something new. “This is the taste of my child hood” said Emma Ilagan, “this … Read More »

Valentines Day on Saturday Sucks For Restaurants

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This year valentines Day falls on a Saturday which is typically the busiest day of the week for a restaurant. Because of this restaurants may not see much of an increase in sales for the holiday. When it comes to holidays most restaurants would prefer if it fell in the middle of the week when sales are not at their greatest.

When Valentines Day falls on a Saturday restaurants usually see a 20-30 percent increase in sales. That doesn’t sound too bad, but when it falls on a weekday they usually see around 100 percent increase in sales. Having the holiday fall on a weekend couldn’t have happened at a worst time for many restaurants who are struggling to make ends meet.

Some restaurant owners are hoping that you feel amorous all week and are offering valentines Day specials through out the … Read More »

Nothing says Lovin Like a Pizza from the Oven

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With valentines day just around the corner us foodies have got to start preparing what we’re going to do for our significant others. Some pizza shops have given us an easy out for some of us.

***disclaimer*** Fellas… just be careful if you decide to do this. Getting your woman a pizza for Valentines Day may result in being thrown out of the place, sleeping on the couch for a night or two and loss of countless other things that you may have been hoping to get (wink wink).

Now that we’ve absolved ourselves of any guilt for suggesting that you do this…it really is a unique thing to get on Valentines Day. Papa Johns is serving heart shaped pizza through Feb. 15th. No matter where you are you can find a place that does this so check it out and add … Read More »

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