Cici’s 25 Year Anniversary Special

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It’s been 25 years since Cici’s opened their doors in Plano, Texas. They’ve decided to celebrate that occasion with everyone by offering their buffet for $3.99. This expires on Feb. 28th so if you’re looking to take advantage of it you only have a few days left to do it.Cici’s is known for their all you can eat Pizza buffet.

Thomas H. Lee Partners Look To Aquire CKE Restaurants

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CKE Restaurants, parent company to Hardees and Carls Jr. have agreed to a $918 million buyout from THL.

THL made headlines a few years ago when they purchased Dunkin Donuts. CKE restaurants, which focus on the “premium” fast food burger, have seen their businesses decline in the recent years. Other fast food chains have been able to take advantage of the weaker economy and offered a slew of budget meals. McDonalds and Burger King have expanded their dollar menus, but CKE restaurants have refrained from discounting and have seen their same-store sales slide downward.

THL will look to turn the struggling chains around, but will have to wait until the aquisition is over. CKE will have the ability to look for more offers for the next 40 days. Its uncertain whether or not other private equity firms will look to purchase the … Read More »

McDonald’s Sued Over Hot Coffee AGAIN

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Portland, Oregon – Last wednesday on February 3rd, Aurora Hill of Portland sued McDonald’s for hot coffee spilled in her lap through the drive thru. I’m sure you’re thinking that you’ve heard this story before. On February 27, 1992, Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque spilled hot coffee on her lap and was severely burned resulting in a 1994 trial in which she was awarded $2.86 million in damages.

The 1992 case has become an icon of frivolous and excessive lawsuits ever since it came out that Stella Liebeck spilled the coffee after she parked her vehicle to add cream and sugar. The case came down to the amazing fact that McDonald’s serves hot coffee… shocking. Interestingly, Mrs. Liebeck only intitally wanted $20,000 and McDonald’s refused and took the issue to trial where the jury awarded the large sum. That $2.86 judgement was … Read More »

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