New Profile Pages and Facebook Like Buttons

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New updates!

We’ve been very busy recently crunching numbers (billions of them) for some very cool upcoming features, however we thought that we would take a short break from that and clean up a few pages that were in dire need of some love.

Previously the logged in portion of the site did basically what we wanted, but lacked a focus and was a little messy. We revamped everything putting much more emphasis on the recommendations and promoted a few interesting statistics (unrelated to our number crunching) to the primary logged in page as well. If you don’t have an account you can sign up for free.

Additionally we just started updating our Foodio54 Facebook page and added Facebook Like buttons to all restaurant listings.

There is no “Prayer” in IHOP

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Apparently, the International House of Pancakes does not want you mixing up whether you wanted to order up a stack of hot cakes or whether you wanted a few “hallelujahs” and “Amens.”

IHOP has just filed is a lawsuit against IHOP.

That’s right. IHOP claims that a Missouri based church known as the International House of Prayer or IHOP is infringing on their brand by using their acronym.

Lawyers from the pancake food chain feel that they church, “selected and adopted the International House of Prayer name, knowing it would be abbreviated IHOP. IHOP-KC intended to misappropriate the fame and notoriety of the household name IHOP to help promote and make recognizable their religious organization.”

I can’t say that I disagree with them, but this is bound to make a few Christians upset and spells disaster for the International House of Chanukah.

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