Christmas is Here!

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First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! So how will you be celebrating Christmas this year? Many of us will be traveling to all parts of the country to spend today with our friends or family. Some of us will celebrating alone. Some of us won’t be celebrating at all. Whatever you’re doing, the holiday season is a great time to go out and try something new.Many of us get stuck in a pattern of eating the same kind of holiday food every year. Many people will be serving, ordering and eating baked hams, turkeys, pies, cakes, etc.. But this year why not try something new.Most of us have seen A Christmas Story and for those of us in Cleveland we can actually go and pay homage to the places where the movie was filmed. In that film the Bumpus … Read More »

Chicago restaurants unhappy about mobile food trucks

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On one hand are Chicago restaurant owners who have paid a premium for high traffic space, and on the other hand are new entrepreneurs wanting to start mobile restaurant trucks. Both are battling for customers in the Windy City. The Chicago City Council will begin debating on the ordinance to allow mobile food trucks sometime next month.

“We spent almost $9 million on two restaurants. It’s unfair to people who invested so much to allow someone who has a minimal investment in a truck . . . to pull up 200 feet from our door,” said Glenn Keefer, managing partner of Keefer’s Restaurant.

“It’s a capitalist society. If they’re worried about competition, maybe they need to look at their concept,” said Matt Maroni owner of the Gaztro-Wagon, a mobile food truck company.

I’d have to agree with Matt Maroni, the government should not … Read More »

Smoking Ban Issues Continue For Restaurants

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It is an issue that all of us are faced with every time we walk into a bar or restaurant. For such a long time it was common place to enter a restaurant and to be asked whether you would like to be in the smoking section or the smoke-free section.Now if you’re a smoker…the reality is that you may have the ability to step out on to a patio or you may just have to leave the restaurant entirely.Many restaurants around the country have opted to create patios that smokers can walk out to without having to leave their drink or meal entirely. But, in Los Angeles that is about to change.The mayor is about remove this convenience for smokers by making it illegal to smoke in restaurant or bar patios… which happens to be the very reason that … Read More »

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