Taco Bell: Thank you for suing us

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It seems Taco Bell is not going down without a fight. The fast food giant says the recent allegations that it was mislabeling “taco meat filling” as “beef” are bologna, and is using this opportunity to try to improve the perception of quality with customers.

The company took out the ad below in many major newspapers, and more can be found on its website

Taco Bell sued for calling meat “beef”

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In a lawsuit filed Thursday, the Beasley Allen law firm is suing Taco Bell for $5 million for false advertising because Taco Bell has the audacity to call its meat “beef.”

The firm claims that Taco Bell’s “seasoned ground beef” or “seasoned beef” is actually mostly random bits of pieces of other things and not actually beef. So what horrible bits are claimed to be in the meat? Chicken beaks and pig snouts? No, it’s the less disgusting “isolated oat product” that is used to increase the volume of the small amount of real beef that’s actually in there.

Who will actually win though? According to the FDA Sec. 319.15:

Chopped beef, ground beef. “Chopped Beef” or “Ground Beef” shall consist of chopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without seasoning and without the addition of beef fat as such, shall … Read More »

Menu Labeling Doesn’t Affect Customers

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Menu labeling is old news these days. By now everyone should be aware of what it is and should have had the opportunity to see it in action at a restaurant chain. The idea behind forcing restaurants to post all of their nutritional information about the food that they were selling was that consumers would eat healthier and more consciously if they were aware of what they were eating.

Some researchers believed that if people saw that there were 1,411 calories in a Big Mac meal at McDonalds that they would opt for other low calorie meals or other restaurants that offer lower calorie meals. Like they didn’t already know that the food was completely unhealthy, albeit completely delicious.

Well, its been a little over two years since mandatory menu labeling has hit several metropolitan areas and data is starting to … Read More »

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