McDonald’s fires major egg supplier

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McDonald’s has fired Minnesota based Sparboe Farms, which provided all eggs for sandwiches in stores west of the Mississippi River that come with muffins (the biscuits, bagels, and McGriddles use an egg product that pours from a box, the muffins use real eggs).

McDonald’s announced the change after Mercy for Animals produced a report ABC News that showed widespread abuse of chickens at Sparboe Farms facilities. The video shows

Hens stuffed in dirty cages with only enough living space that would cover a normal piece of printer paper
Workers burning off the beaks of chicks and throwing them into cages
Workers grabbing hens by their throats and ramming them into battery cages
Dead and decomposed birds left in cages with other hens still laying eggs
Chicks trapped and mangled in cage wire with others suffering from open wounds and torn beaks
Live chicks thrown into plastic bags … Read More »

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