When it comes to Thai food in Maine Kate McCarty from The Blueberry Files knows a thing or two

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Boda “Very Thai” Kitchen + Bar created a stir when it first came to town in 2010. In fact, it opened during my “Thai-o-rama” year, in which local food bloggers set out to review all 13 Thai restaurants in Portland, Maine. It took us over a year, and many of the mediocre restaurants became a blur of doughy dumplings and oddly flavored Pad Thai.

As Boda quickly garnered many glowing reviews (mine included), I came to see it as a respite from the traditional Thai take-out, a place where the food was elevated, but still provided the comfort of your favorite Thai dishes.

Boda’s decor avoids the expected golden statues, pictures of Thailand, and fish tanks, and instead is muted, dark, and lit with lights that cast a golden hue. When the restaurant is full, it buzzes, but not so much that … Read More »

The Top 5′s – Fast Food

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When it comes to eating out – we all have our favorites. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on your way to work, planning a family dinner or just hanging out with your friends. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be outlining the Top 5 restaurants when it comes to Fast Food, Fast Casual, Family Restaurants, Casual Dining and Fine Dining.

Today we’re going to list out the top five fast food restaurants. When people all over the United States are looking for a quick and easy bite to eat – the most common answer is to those hunger pains is to stop at a fast food restaurant. Fast food revolves around quick and efficient service, cheap prices and a casual atmosphere. Fast food doesn’t necessarily mean “unhealthy food”, but it usually is.

In the United States there are more … Read More »

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