Pizza Hut Unveils New Pizza – For a limited Time

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More Cowbell   ive got a fever and the only prescription is more cheese

Even Christopher Walken has been swayed by Pizza Hut’s new Crazy Cheesy Crust

No one can say exactly what was going through Pizza Hut’s creative team while they were creating their new pizza the “Crazy Cheesy Crust” Pizza, but when thing is for sure – they wanted to add more cheese. Wiley Bates III, Pizza Hut’s executive chef was quoted that, “people want more cheese” – and that’s what we’re gonna given them.

For a limited time Pizza aficionados can order the Crazy Cheesy Crust pizza for $12.99 with 1 topping that features 16 detachable pockets filled with Pizza Hut’s exclusive five-cheese blend. This definitely takes stuffed crust to a whole new level.

Pizza hut created it’s first stuffed pizza all the way back in 1995 – originally as a limited time offer as well, but due to it’s success they continued to add it to their regular menu.  Ever since – Pizza Hut has continued to toy around with their stuffed crustpizza line up.  To this day no other national pizza chain has had the same kind of success with a stuffed crust pizza.

If you can’t imagine how long ago 1995 was – take a look at this post that shows the difference between Pizza Hut’s website back in 1996 to today.

Pizza Hut employee’s started training about the new pizza about a week ago. Each pie is made to order so it’s a little bit trickier to sculpt and cut the crust correctly. That’s right – these aren’t frozen and just heated up. For each pizza an employee must pull and fold the crust into it’s characteristic loops for the cheese to go in to. That’s both awesome and a little optimistic. I imagine that many pizza’s are going to reach customers looking entirely different than what we’ve seen in pictures.

Pizza Hut spokesman Doug Terfehr ignored questions as to how long the new pizza will be available, but we can expect it to be around for the whole of Q2 so that Pizza Hut parent company Yum can gauge how well the pizza will do in other limited releases.

So what’s your take on Pizza Hut’s new take on stuffed crust? Is it revolutionary? Or is it Jurassic Park 2?

fyi Jurassic Park 2 was a shameless attempt at profiteering (which it did nicely).

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