Remember that? 5 Fast Foods you’ve probably forgotten about.

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The world of Fast Food is filled with both successes and failures.  We are all familiar with the successes that have become a part of our regular vocabulary.  Big Mac, Whopper, Burrito Supreme… the list really could go on and on.  But, we tend to forget how many failures pave the way for those successes and how difficult it is for large scale restaurant chains to alter or add to their menus at all.

Here at Foodio54 – we wanted to remind you of just a few of those failed attempts that never made the cut at some of the most popular fast food restaurants in America.

  1. 1 – McLobster – McDonald’s

    Time Period: 1993

    McDonald’s has never had much luck trying to add anything to their seafood options.  The McLobster was an attempt to add a menu item for people with dietary restrictions that preclude them from their beef and chicken offerings.


    Why it failed:  Lobster at McDonald’s?  How could it have worked?


  2. 2 – Burger Buddies – Burger King

    Time Period: 1987

    Sliders are great right?  I mean White Castle has made an entire business out of them.  Burger Kind thought that they should fit right in to their line-up.   Unfortunately the product never connected with customers.



    Why it failed: Sometimes the success of one burger is the the downfall of another.  Patrons stuck by their old-faithfuls and BK couldn’t convince White Castle customers to jump ship.


  3. 3 – Bell Beefer - Taco Bell

    Time Period: 1980‘s

    Taco Bell hasn’t always thought “outside the bun.”  The Bell Beefer was a something of a Taco Bell Burger / Sloppy Joe – kinda thing.  Take a standard Taco Bell taco – and put it in-between a burger patty.  Voila you have a Bell Beefer.

    Why it failed: The Bell Beefer just couldn’t grow any legs in the fast food market.  Most people who were running for the border didn’t want something on a bun.  Funny enough – there are still people petitioning Taco Bell to bring it back.


  4. 4 – Superbar – Wendy’s

    Time Period: until the 90′s

    It used to be that Wendy’s offered a salad bar.  It was really pretty nice.  In the late 80′s they decided to supe up the salad bar and gave a ton of other options.


    Why if failed: The Superbar didn’t fit in to fast food culture and it wasn’t “nice” enough to fit in to the quality food market.  Fast Casual didn’t exist yet – so maybe this would be a good time to bring this option back?


  5. 5 – Frings - Jack in the Box

    Time Period: 1979 and again in 2011

    Like fries?  Check.

    Like onion rings? Check.

    Like frings? For some reason this is some that just hasn’t worked together.  Logic dictates that it’s a good pairing – practical application suggests it will never happen.

    Why if failed: No one knows.  Which is why Jack in the Box decided to give it another go [assuming that 1979 was just a fluke].  But it still didn’t take.

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