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Celebrity Owned Restaurant of the Week: Beso

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Beso is not just the Spanish word for kiss. It also happens to be the Latin American/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean fused restaurant owned by actress Eva Longoria and celebrity chef Todd English.

Courtesy of Beso

Nestled on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Street, this restaurant’s decor lives up to its romantic name. As you walk in through the entrance you are immediately welcomed by Spanish poetry that has been delicately etched in glass along the wall. The blackened windows and candlelit interior help set the mood for the exotic and whimsical night to come.

Courtesy of Beso

After you have made your way to your table and cozied up to your honey under the glamorous dangling chandeliers, open up the menu and treat yourself to Tequila Spa cocktail, infused with tres sietes silver, red grapes, cucumber, lemon, and lime $14. … Read More »

Sandra Bullock is a Hottie and Owns Two Restaurants to Boot

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I love Sandra Bullock. If there was a woman that I could choose to settle down with and make babies with, it would be Sandra Bullock. She is gorgeous and timeless. No matter what day of the week it is she looks absolutely flawless. She speaks two languages fluently, has the cutest little boy, and is an Academy-Award winning actress. She is a hottie with a body and I happen to live in the city where she owns Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy and Staple.

Sandra Bullock. Courtesy of Zimbio.

Now I have wanted to eat at both establishments since I arrived in Austin two years ago, but I am absolutely terrified at the small possibility that she may happen to be there when I go. Like I said before, I would bend down on one knee, ask … Read More »

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