Chef’s Spotlight: Ned Elliot – Foreign & Domestic

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Ned Elliot, the executive chef at Austin’s Foreign & Domestic, is used to cooking great food. Ned grew up in a house where cooking was a family affair and his next door neighbor just happen to be the chef for a local French restaurant. According to the company website Ned was raised by his two mothers Sandra and Linda, who shared their love of gardening, cooking and baking with him.

Sandra the cook, taught Ned about the importance of fresh ingredients. From Linda, the baker, Ned learned patience. Both taught him that life should be about continuous learning, a philosophy that was reinforced by Chef Ducasse and his mentor Chef Doug Psaltis.

When it comes to learning how to cook Ned feels that hands on experience is the best way to go:

“I would say forego the culinary school. I went to CIA, … Read More »

Chef’s Spotlight: William “Bick” Johnson – Bald Headed Bistro

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William “Bick” Johnson, the executive chef at the Bald Headed Bistro, has just recently been named to the list of the 2013 Best Chefs in America. The list, which will be published in March interviewed more than 5,000 chefs to find the best of the best, located Mr. Johnson at the Bald Headed Bistro where he has been a staple since the restaurant opened in 2004.

“I was surprised by the honor and am very humbled,” said Mr. Johnson. “The Bistro has earned a reputation as being one of the nation’s most sophisticated high-end restaurants, but to be included on this list of the top chefs in America is something I didn’t expect.”

William is able to pull from his eclectic work experience and create dishes that will truly make your mouth water.

According to the Bistro’s website Chef Johnson has worked in … Read More »

Top Chef Stephanie Izard

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Stephanie Izard is enjoying what she calls her “15 minutes” of fame. Last week Izard became the first female to win the Bravo reality show.

Izard admits that it’s “getting a bit crazy” now and that she’s also getting tired from all of the excitement.

Even though she is just getting started Izard is already working on opening a new venture in Chicago where she used to run a seafood restaurant, Scylla (which is unfortunately now closed). When asked what advice she would give to other young aspiring chefs Izard said:

“It’s a tough industry but if you love food and you’re ready to work your butt off, keep going. It’s challenging. You’ve got to put thought into making your dishes. Keep it clean and simple. But don’t do too much over-thinking or get all fancy. Go with your gut, have confidence and … Read More »

Hell’s Kitchen in West Hollywood

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You at least know about him. Everyone does. He’s part bulldog and fiery Scott. He screams at his employees and gives orders like he’s the “Donald“.

Gordon Ramsay, the star of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, opened up a new restaurant in West Hollywood named, ironically enough, Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood. This even brought out a few “A” list celebs like David Beckham and the host of Survivor Jeff Probst.

When asked why he decided to open up a new restaurant Ramsay commented that he liked the style in California. “It’s less agressive than New York”, and he’s not intersted in opening a place in Vegas. So the relaxed atmosphere of California drew him in to West Hollywood (and probably the avg. income).

Ramsay will offer the next winner of Hells Kitchen the top chef spot at $250k a year the finale … Read More »

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