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Remember that? 5 Fast Foods you’ve probably forgotten about.

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The world of Fast Food is filled with both successes and failures.  We are all familiar with the successes that have become a part of our regular vocabulary.  Big Mac, Whopper, Burrito Supreme… the list really could go on and on.  But, we tend to forget how many failures pave the way for those successes and how difficult it is for large scale restaurant chains to alter or add to their menus at all.

Here at Foodio54 – we wanted to remind you of just a few of those failed attempts that never made the cut at some of the most popular fast food restaurants in America.

1 – McLobster – McDonald’s

Time Period: 1993

McDonald’s has never had much luck trying to add anything to their seafood options.  The McLobster was an attempt to add a menu item for people with dietary restrictions that … Read More »

Family Friendly Fridays in Austin: Kerbey Lane Cafe

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Kerbey Lane Cafe is an Austin staple and since we found out that they make a chocolate chip pancake that is loaded with chocolate chips our daughter has made it her go to place when we ask her what restaurant she wants to go to for dinner.

Tonight was one of those occasions. Kerbey Lane Cafe has been serving up awesome food for over 30 years around Austin. They are open 24 hours a day and have a menu filled with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly options. They are also the only restaurant in town where I can go to get an Iced Tea that is sweetened with Agave Nectar.

Our go-to Kerbey Lane is the Northwest location at 13435 HWY 183 North, Austin, TX 78750. We always sit outside on their patio area. It’s nice and open, they’ve got a bar … Read More »

Family Friendly Fridays in Austin

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It’s Friday! It’s a whopping 98 degrees outside and we needed a family friendly place to enjoy a nice lunch. We started brainstorming places we could take our little girl to go eat and I needed to write a blog article, so we combined those two thoughts together and thus Family Friendly Fridays was born. Each Friday we’ll head out and try a new family friendly establishment in Austin and feature it here. If you live here in Austin or are traveling to this beautiful city with your family consider this your go to resource for family friendly eats!

Boat House Grill

6812 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78732

(512) 249-5200

The Boat House Grill is located on the corner of 2222 and 620 in the Four Points neighborhood, an area nestled halfway between Lakeway and Cedar Park and close to Lake Travis. Parking … Read More »

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