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We are pleased to report that we now accept OpenIDs. The OpenID Project allows you to have 1 username and password that you can take with you from site to site instead of having to remember multiple logins for each one. You get a url like and then you can use that URL to sign into sites which accept OpenID. For existing members, you can still log in as normal, we will soon be enabling you to assign an OpenID to an existing username. If you are interested in getting an OpenID, check out (it’s free, just like Foodio54). This is not something to expect from your bank or credit cards any time soon, but for most sites this makes signing in extremely easy.

Sorting search results

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We added the ability to sort search results by distance, rating (the national average), or alphabetically by restaurant name. Also on Friday we will release the first of a new series of features that are just fun ways to look at all of the data we are collecting. We think it’s done, but everytime I say that I find something wrong with it One more solid day of testing should be enough to release it for everyone.

Initial ratings from ChefMoz

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We are currently looking at the idea of putting the ChefMoz restaurant ratings and reviews into our database. Right now I think we have a catch 22 where people see we don’t have many reviews yet so they don’t write reviews, if there were more reviews it might snowball on itself.

ChefMoz is a free set of restaurant data and review information from the open directory project (DMOZ), while we have at little less than twice the restaurants that they do, they have lots of reviews that would really help to give us a baseline.

It looks like, from just a peek at their documentation that they rate things 1-10 instead of 1-5, but we could convert that. I think that this would actually be possible to integrate this data into our database and have the recommender algorithm work with it.

We are … Read More »

Some new stuff on the way

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We’ve been very busy over the past week with 2 new features which are pretty cool (if I do say so myself). While we get a picture of how people are using the site we wanted to build a few items which are related to what we have, but were just sort of fun or interesting beyond just finding great restaurants.

Neither of these are done yet, although one of them is almost done, so we can’t spill the beans quite yet. I will say that we dropped from 520k restaurants to about 515k as we were cleaning up some bad data, but one of the features required us to get some more places, 10,000 to be specific (so we’re up to 525k). This will all make sense in about a week and a half

Once these 2 features are done … Read More »

Bug list is back to zero

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The bug list is back down to zero! We do know however that there are some sporatic issues with Safari and we haven’t done a complete test with IE 6 yet (just IE 7). For now though things are looking really good.

So far we have had about 800 unique visitors, which is really awesome considering we just began to get the word out that we are here. We are noticing that many of these visitors are from the Washington DC area, which from a link structure point of view makes sense (with all of the actual states, Google has to go through an extra layer to get to the results). We’ve seen Google seemingly happily looking through thousands of pages, which is great! Yahoo and MSN seem to have found us now as well. hasn’t found us yet, but … Read More »

For a brief moment there were no bugs

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At about 4am this morning the bug list for the first time made it to zero! However, at this point it was discovered that the public profiles ( really don’t work very well. By not very well I mean that the links on the side all link to your member pages and not the user’s information as one would probably assume from their context.

So maybe when this is done the bug list will be back to zero. Most of the “bugs” that we are finding now are really new feature ideas, which will come out shortly after our “soft launch,” which should start next week.

Also the mobile version of the site seems to be working fine, as is the ajax stuff to edit tags right in the search results.

Safari for Windows

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Yes indeed Safari for Windows was just released and we are all over it. We did find one very odd bug with the tag cloud disappearing when you clicked on the edit a restaurant link (huh? was my reaction too). But that’s all fixed now and the site seems to work fine. We don’t have any Macs to test with Safari so this release was just in time. I assume the engine is the same as the Mac Safari version…if it’s not I’ll probably need to get a Mac from eBay or craigslist or something.

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