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Top 5 Burger Joints in the U.S.

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The Hamburger -  There is something unmistakably American about it.  Even Julia Child commented that,”It is the Americans who have managed to crown minced beef as hamburger, and to send it round the world so that even the fussy French have taken to le boeuf hache, le hambourgaire.” A dish created right here in the United States all the way back in 1895 at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Ct. and has been the sweetheart of restaurant goers since then.  There are a seemingly endless number of variations in which it can be enjoyed.  There are also a seemingly endless list of restaurants that offer it – from as low as 99 cents at McDonald’s – to as expensive as $295 at New York’s Landmark restaurant Serendipity 3!

Because there are so many different ways to make and eat a hamburger it opens up the … Read More »

Little Caesars adds Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza

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Well it’s quite possible that the last few days have been the most exciting days ever -in the world – if you love cheap national chain pizza.  First, we announced that Pizza Hut is introducing a new stuffed crust pizza, The Crazy Cheesy Crust pizza and then in a dramatic turn of events we learn that Detroit based Little Caesars is also adding a new pie, the Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza.

It’s the pizza franchise’s biggest product launch in it’s 54 years of existence Little Caesars is jumping in to the deep dish pizza business.  Little Caesars rocked our worlds when they decided to start offering their pizzas “Hot-N-Ready” for pickup without having to order ahead.  The new Deep! Deep! Dish Pizzas will also be available as well as a Hot-N-Ready dish for just $8 between 4pm and 8pm.



Pizza Hut Unveils New Pizza – For a limited Time

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No one can say exactly what was going through Pizza Hut’s creative team while they were creating their new pizza the “Crazy Cheesy Crust” Pizza, but when thing is for sure – they wanted to add more cheese. Wiley Bates III, Pizza Hut’s executive chef was quoted that, “people want more cheese” – and that’s what we’re gonna given them.

For a limited time Pizza aficionados can order the Crazy Cheesy Crust pizza for $12.99 with 1 topping that features 16 detachable pockets filled with Pizza Hut’s exclusive five-cheese blend. This definitely takes stuffed crust to a whole new level.

Pizza hut created it’s first stuffed pizza all the way back in 1995 – originally as a limited time offer as well, but due to it’s success they continued to add it to their regular menu.  Ever since – Pizza Hut has continued to … Read More »

The Secret Menu of Starbucks and How to order from it

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So you may think that you know everything that there is to know about Starbucks. You’ve learned the “in the know” ways of ordering a latte with skim non-dairy creamer and every morning you go in an order yourself the same thing – Over and over and over again. Now what if I told you that there was more than meets the eye at you local Starbucks? What if I told you that there were drinks hidden away from you that Barista’s are trained on, but won’t tell you about? Well this is true.

Now – calm down. This isn’t some giant conspiracy to deny [you] something. For the most part, “secret” menu’s are a way that large companies can try out new drinks or new marketing campaigns at a small scale without taking many risks. It’s expensive to change your menu and this way they can try their … Read More »

Judge overturns NYC 16 ounce soda ban

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State Judge Milton Tingling in New York on Monday tossed out the city’s plans to ban sugary drinks in containers bigger than 16 ounces in New York City.

This comes as a major setback for food policeman and NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who has suceeded in passing several other ridiculous proposals.

Judge Tingling, states that “The rule would not only violate the separation of powers doctrine, it would eviscerate it, such an evisceration has the potential to be more troubling than sugar sweetened drinks.”

“It is arbitrary and capricious because it applies to some but not all food establishments in the city, it excludes other beverages that have significantly higher concentrations of sugar sweeteners and/or calories on suspect grounds, and the loopholes inherent in the rule, including but not limited to no limitations on refills, defeat and/or serve to gut the purpose of … Read More »

When it comes to Thai food in Maine Kate McCarty from The Blueberry Files knows a thing or two

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Boda “Very Thai” Kitchen + Bar created a stir when it first came to town in 2010. In fact, it opened during my “Thai-o-rama” year, in which local food bloggers set out to review all 13 Thai restaurants in Portland, Maine. It took us over a year, and many of the mediocre restaurants became a blur of doughy dumplings and oddly flavored Pad Thai.

As Boda quickly garnered many glowing reviews (mine included), I came to see it as a respite from the traditional Thai take-out, a place where the food was elevated, but still provided the comfort of your favorite Thai dishes.

Boda’s decor avoids the expected golden statues, pictures of Thailand, and fish tanks, and instead is muted, dark, and lit with lights that cast a golden hue. When the restaurant is full, it buzzes, but not so much that … Read More »

The Top 5′s – Fast Food

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When it comes to eating out – we all have our favorites. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on your way to work, planning a family dinner or just hanging out with your friends. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be outlining the Top 5 restaurants when it comes to Fast Food, Fast Casual, Family Restaurants, Casual Dining and Fine Dining.

Today we’re going to list out the top five fast food restaurants. When people all over the United States are looking for a quick and easy bite to eat – the most common answer is to those hunger pains is to stop at a fast food restaurant. Fast food revolves around quick and efficient service, cheap prices and a casual atmosphere. Fast food doesn’t necessarily mean “unhealthy food”, but it usually is.

In the United States there are more … Read More »

The Evolution of a Relationship – Ordering At A Restaurant

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we wanted to share some simple truth’s about how we order at restaurant depending on where you are in a relationship. Does any of this ring true for you?

How we order at a restaurant when we’re still single

How we order at a restaurant on the first date

How we order at a restaurant after you’re in a relationship

How we order at a restaurant when you’re married

How we order at a restaurant when you’re single again

America’s Fattiest Salads

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The time has come when salads (which are supposed to be good for you right?) have finally surpassed many of the items on the menus known to be bad for you. This is either a good thing or a bad thing. I mean its bad that you may be ordering something completely horrible for your body when you think its healthy. But, it’s also good when you can tell your wife that you’re ordering the healthy option and it happens to be the 1/4 pound cheeseburger with bacon and fries. So without much further adieu here is a list of some of the worst salads out there now.

5. Applebee’s

Oriental Chicken Salad -Reg size

709 Calories, 25g fat, 72 carbs

4. Ruby Tuesday

Carolina Chicken Salad

880 Calories, 62g fat, 31 carbs … Read More »

Chef’s Spotlight: Ned Elliot – Foreign & Domestic

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Ned Elliot, the executive chef at Austin’s Foreign & Domestic, is used to cooking great food. Ned grew up in a house where cooking was a family affair and his next door neighbor just happen to be the chef for a local French restaurant. According to the company website Ned was raised by his two mothers Sandra and Linda, who shared their love of gardening, cooking and baking with him.

Sandra the cook, taught Ned about the importance of fresh ingredients. From Linda, the baker, Ned learned patience. Both taught him that life should be about continuous learning, a philosophy that was reinforced by Chef Ducasse and his mentor Chef Doug Psaltis.

When it comes to learning how to cook Ned feels that hands on experience is the best way to go:

“I would say forego the culinary school. I went to CIA, … Read More »

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