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Restaurants to Celebrate Oktoberfest in the U.S.A.

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Oktoberfest is kicking into full gear this weekend, which means it is that time of year to enjoy great beer, music, and food while celebrating a longstanding German tradition. Here is a list of some places to go in the major metropolitan areas over the next couple of weeks to rock out in your dirndls and lederhosen, ladies and gentlemen!

Boston, MA: Harpoon Brewery, 306 Northern Ave. at Boston’s Waterfront. It looks like they will be having a nice festival filled with beer, music, and German food! For more info on how to get there and tickets, call 888-HAR-POON ext 3.

New York City, NY: Zum Schneider Restaurant & Biergarten, 107 Ave C @ East 7th Street. These guys will have live music and plenty of authentic German beer to go around. Don’t forget to wear your lederhosen! For more info, call … Read More »

ShopHouse, Chipotle’s Asian-inspired spinoff, set to open in Washington, D.C.

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Chipotle fans, REJOICE! Maybe it is because I am currently living in a Podunk town in central Florida where the closest Chipotle is approximately 42.9 miles away, but I am very excited about the spin-off Asian inspired ShopHouse Kitchen that will be taking off in the next couple of weeks in Washington, DC. While I know my shanty town of Sebring, FL is a far stretch from Washington, the thought of what the food will taste like is sending my salivary glands into overdrive! Here’s the lowdown.In November of last year, Chipotle’s Steve Ells revealed his plans to launch a “fast-casual restaurant with the same Chipotle values and quality translated into an Asian menu”. The time has arrived where Ells’ promise has come full circle. Although ShopHouse employees are still in training, the eatery opened up for lunch last week … Read More »

Man Sues White Castle Because He Can’t Fit Into Their Dining Booths

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Martin Kessman, a stock broker from New York, is suing White Castle for what he claims is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act. Kessman is a 290-pound loyal patron of the restaurant chain who has been unable to “sit down like a normal person” for the last two years at his local Nanuet White Castle location. According to an interview with Kessman in the New York Post, “As I looked around the restaurant, I saw that there were no tables and chairs that could accommodate a person that merely wanted to sit down and eat his meal”. Kessman’s written requests for chairs and booths that could accommodate individuals carrying more weight than most were met with “condescending” replies filled with coupons for free cheeseburgers. Kessman is now suing the restaurant chain for unspecified damages and bigger chairs.

A … Read More »

Food Terrorism – According To Pennsylvania Police

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The owner of a Philadelphia Pizza shop (Nina Bella Pizzeria), Nickolas Galiatsatos, decided to have a different kind of food fight today with 2 of his local competitors.

Nickolas had simple but devious plan for his two competitors in Upper Darby, whom he accused of sabotaging his restaurant with mice. His plan was to return the favor by dropping off two paper bags full of the pesky rodents in each of his competitors stores.

Unfortunately for him one of the Co-Owners for Verona Pizza, Fanis Facas, recognized him as the owner of Nina Bella Pizzeria and thought that his behavior was strange. After checking the bathroom that Galiatsatos had just vacated he found a bag hidden up in the ceiling of the bathroom.

Don Shula Tackles Burgers

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NFL legend Don Shula is taking on another restaurant venture.

Shula is best known as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. A team which he lead to two Super Bowl victories and can claim fame to the only perfect NFL season in 1972 when the Miami Dolphins never lost a game.

Don Shula also founded Shula’s Steak Houses LLP, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL., which has 32 full service restaurants in 16 states.

Shula Burger is expected to open it’s first franchise in early June in Islamadora, FL and expects to have more than 100 restaurants open within the next five years.

Shula Burger President, Bill Herman, says that althought the fast-casuall burger segment has grown increasingly crowded that the Shula Burger brand will be more “upscale” than most. “We’re not a startup. We’re a successful restaurant company. We have a name, the … Read More »

Taco Bell: Thank you for suing us

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It seems Taco Bell is not going down without a fight. The fast food giant says the recent allegations that it was mislabeling “taco meat filling” as “beef” are bologna, and is using this opportunity to try to improve the perception of quality with customers.

The company took out the ad below in many major newspapers, and more can be found on its website

Taco Bell sued for calling meat “beef”

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In a lawsuit filed Thursday, the Beasley Allen law firm is suing Taco Bell for $5 million for false advertising because Taco Bell has the audacity to call its meat “beef.”

The firm claims that Taco Bell’s “seasoned ground beef” or “seasoned beef” is actually mostly random bits of pieces of other things and not actually beef. So what horrible bits are claimed to be in the meat? Chicken beaks and pig snouts? No, it’s the less disgusting “isolated oat product” that is used to increase the volume of the small amount of real beef that’s actually in there.

Who will actually win though? According to the FDA Sec. 319.15:

Chopped beef, ground beef. “Chopped Beef” or “Ground Beef” shall consist of chopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without seasoning and without the addition of beef fat as such, shall … Read More »

Menu Labeling Doesn’t Affect Customers

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Menu labeling is old news these days. By now everyone should be aware of what it is and should have had the opportunity to see it in action at a restaurant chain. The idea behind forcing restaurants to post all of their nutritional information about the food that they were selling was that consumers would eat healthier and more consciously if they were aware of what they were eating.

Some researchers believed that if people saw that there were 1,411 calories in a Big Mac meal at McDonalds that they would opt for other low calorie meals or other restaurants that offer lower calorie meals. Like they didn’t already know that the food was completely unhealthy, albeit completely delicious.

Well, its been a little over two years since mandatory menu labeling has hit several metropolitan areas and data is starting to … Read More »

Christmas is Here!

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First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! So how will you be celebrating Christmas this year? Many of us will be traveling to all parts of the country to spend today with our friends or family. Some of us will celebrating alone. Some of us won’t be celebrating at all. Whatever you’re doing, the holiday season is a great time to go out and try something new.Many of us get stuck in a pattern of eating the same kind of holiday food every year. Many people will be serving, ordering and eating baked hams, turkeys, pies, cakes, etc.. But this year why not try something new.Most of us have seen A Christmas Story and for those of us in Cleveland we can actually go and pay homage to the places where the movie was filmed. In that film the Bumpus … Read More »

Chicago restaurants unhappy about mobile food trucks

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On one hand are Chicago restaurant owners who have paid a premium for high traffic space, and on the other hand are new entrepreneurs wanting to start mobile restaurant trucks. Both are battling for customers in the Windy City. The Chicago City Council will begin debating on the ordinance to allow mobile food trucks sometime next month.

“We spent almost $9 million on two restaurants. It’s unfair to people who invested so much to allow someone who has a minimal investment in a truck . . . to pull up 200 feet from our door,” said Glenn Keefer, managing partner of Keefer’s Restaurant.

“It’s a capitalist society. If they’re worried about competition, maybe they need to look at their concept,” said Matt Maroni owner of the Gaztro-Wagon, a mobile food truck company.

I’d have to agree with Matt Maroni, the government should not … Read More »

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