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  • Collin Street Bakery

    This is one rich fruitcake, folks. Certainly up to the standards I hold for a fruitcake. I've eaten fruitcake since I was a tiny child. Every Christmas, someone in my mother's family made a homemade fruitcake. My momís family is full of great cooks and bakers, so I am quite the snob when it comes to how I judge the holiday cake.

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  • Smashburger in Waco


    The menu goes slightly beyond the usual selections of burgers, fries, and large, addictive cylinders of caffeinated colas. If thatís what youíre in the mood for, you wonít be disappointed. If youíre trying to watch what you eat or are just sick of the usual finger food, Smashburger does offer some interesting alternatives with mixed results. Of course, if youíre in the mood for a regular pile of fries, youíre in luck.

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  • Ginger and Spice in Marble Falls

    Ginger and Spice

    I can honestly say, the spicy tuna roll and chefís choice sushi was wonderful. The roll was freshly made, everything smelled delish, and the texture and cut of the nigiri was spot on. I could see the food was prepared with care and love. Would I get it again? Heck yeah, and I plan on it for the Big Grey Horse Media Christmas Party. Itís an annual tradition, yaíll!

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  • Noon Spoon Cafe in Marble Falls

    Noon Spoon Cafe

    And the food? Itís fresh! Jen believes in organic, fresh food. Her suppliers make multiple deliveries weekly. As you've already guessed, Jen's a hands-on owner. She oversees all aspects of the kitchen and calls herself a ďyesĒ girl. If a customer asks for it, you can bet they are gonna get it.

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  • Kingsland Coffee Company in Kingsland

    Kingsland Coffee Company

    Getting your hair done is stressful. It works up a big appetite, so after our hair appointment last week, Afriel and I headed to the Kingsland Coffee Co...

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  • Aranya Restaurant

    Iíll be the first to say that Thai food and a gas station is not a combination that makes my appetite rumble. Aranya Restaurant in Burnet, Texas, is the exception...

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  • Chili's Bar and Grill in Waco

    Chili's Bar and Grill

    My overall impression of this Chili's is not good. The fact that my food came cold and dry is extremely unappetizing. The highlight was the blackberry limeade. That said, I will not be visiting Chili's in the future.

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  • Cathay House in Waco

    Cathay House

    The Cathay House in Waco, Texas, was quaint. If I hadnít known it was a restaurant, I would have driven right past it. Just by looks alone, it would not be my first choice for an Asian dining experience...

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  • On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina in Waco

    On The Border Mexican Grill and Cantina

    I ordered the hand-rolled enchiladas suizas. The dish came with three chicken enchiladas topped with a tomatillo cream sauce, with rice and refried beans on the side. The meal was prepared well and had good seasoning...

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  • El Charro Restaurant in Johnson City

    El Charro Restaurant

    After the disastrous trip to Tamale King, a quick bite at El Charro Restaurant in Johnson City, Texas, assured me that good enchiladas are still out there...

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  • Tamale King Restaurant

    As a self-proclaimed enchilada queen, Iíve had some pretty darn good Mexican food, from authentic to Tex-Mex. When I open a restaurantís menu, the first place I read is the enchilada section. Iím always in the mood for a good enchilada...

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  • Mosca's Restaurant & Bar

    Thereís a lot to like about Moscaís Restaurant & Bar, but the sign never factored in. I dig the owners, and Iíve had some good foodie experiences with the restaurant. Coolest thing of all? They deliver...

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  • Koy Restaurant

    I gambled the the other day. I decided to get takeout sushi from Koy Restaurant in Marble Falls. Normally I revel in the sushi bar experience...

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  • Alamo Cafe

    The menu is extensive at the Alamo Cafe. I had a hard time choosing from several pages of meals. Iíve also watched too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey chastising failing restaurateurs for putting everything and the kitchen sink on a menu. Nevertheless, the seafood flautas sounded interesting so I asked for our waitressí recommendation. Kristen, our waitress, confirmed that the flautas were an excellent choice.

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  • Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls

    Blue Bonnet Cafe

    Pie Happy Hourís secret weapon is Maura Dominguez. Sheís baked the Cafeís pies for 18 years. Since the inception of Pie Happy Hour, Dominguez produces 75 to 100 pies daily and double that amount on weekends. The mother of five proudly discloses, ďThis is my first job, and I like it so much, it will be my only job.Ē

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  • El Brasero Mexican Restaurant in Kingsland

    El Brasero Mexican Restaurant

    This visit my daughter choseÖdrum rollÖenchiladas! (Enchiladas are her fave so itís no big surprise.) We arrived during El Braceroís lunch special, so the Texas plate (two enchiladas, carne guisada, rice, beans, and guacamole salad for $6.99) was a great choice. I chose a lengua torta ($3.99) and the rajas with cheese ($6.99). This entree features tiny strips of beef cooked with slices of jalapeno and topped with Mexican cheese.

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  • Central Market in Austin

    Central Market

    Central Market in Austin, Texas, is alive and well. We visited mid-morning, late last summer, and the store was fairly quiet...

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  • Thai Niyom Restaurant in Marble Falls

    Thai Niyom Restaurant

    You cannot visit Thai Niyom without having an order (or two) of the baby rolls. These bite-sized, tiny rolls are the epitome of Thai heaven, I think. This is another recipe Iíve search high and low for, without avail. What I do know is each roll is about three inches long and is packed with ground meat and carrots. The rolls come with a slightly spicy, sweet sauce thatís great for dipping. Top off the baby rolls with a few drops of Rooster (as my family lovingly calls Sriracha hot chili sauce), and youíre good to go...

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  • El Grande Taco

    This family business never disappoints. They have a good following in Kingsland and always remember a regular customerís order. When we interviewed Osvaldo and his family, they managed to give us a great walk-through of the business while keeping the food coming out at lightening speed...

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