Looking for restaurants open on Christmas?

Reviews from Restless Tech


  • Firefly in Panama City Beach


    We were escorted into the main dining area which is done in a rustic Italian style with iron fixtures, a faux stone wall and a mammoth tree in the center of the large main dining area...

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  • Sardinia Enoteca

    The restaurant is lovely with an elegant bar as you enter that is well stocked with primarily Italian wines. Wood, stone and brick are the primary elements with a touch of marble here and there for some accent...

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  • Mack and Kates in Franklin

    Mack and Kates

    Mack and Kate’s is tucked on the corner of a multi-use area just past the intersection of Moore’s Lane and Franklin Road. Condos are cheek to jowl with restaurants and retail and it is all wrapped up with a bow.

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  • Firefly Grille in Nashville

    Firefly Grille

    Chef Kristen Gregory has put together a really interesting and eclectic restaurant in the building that used to hold Sylvan Park in Green Hills. Long on kitsch and strong on flavor she has scored a funky fresh hit at the bend in Bandywood. High on my list for a night out unless you are looking for something private and quiet!

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  • Bon Femme Cafe in Valparaiso

    Bon Femme Cafe

    The inside of the restaurant was clean and crisp with a small, classy wooden bar and a couple performing standards to add to the ambiance. The linens were pressed and everything was laid out elegantly, in carefully aligned rows which spoke of precision and care.

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  • Copper Kettle in Nashville

    Copper Kettle

    The grits were not terribly cheesy, and again, a touch dry, but they had a very interesting finishing flavor of jalapeno. My daughter made rapturous noises over the hush puppies and growled at me when I tried to take a bite of one…

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  • Stone Creek Dining Company

    The tuna was fresh, tasty and cooked well. I really liked the horseradish mustard sauce and the soy sauce had a citrus/ponzu twist on it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but it was likewise tasty.

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  • Serpentine in San Francisco


    Once inside the converted warehouse the industrial chic interior makes clear its homage to the area that Serpentine serves so lovingly. The ceilings are high and unfinished with the existing sprinkler works visible to the eye.

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  • Germantown Cafe in Nashville

    Germantown Cafe

    Restaurant week in Nashville marked the opening of Germantown East. Like its namesake it features casual decor, a simple, high quality menu and a great view of the Nashville skyline.

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  • Haru Sushi in Bowling Green

    Haru Sushi

    The restaurant was small and well-kept with a traditional sushi counter and a man and woman team that I strongly suspect were a married couple running the place. There were probably about 10 tables in the establishment.

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  • Rosepepper Cantina in Nashville

    Rosepepper Cantina

    The Rosepepper Cantina is one of those trendy, but not pretentious, eateries on the East side of Nashville. It has the place of pride as one of the instigators of the rebirth of this side of town.

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  • Stoney River in Franklin

    Stoney River

    The homemade chips were a decadent pleasure, but I would have preferred more blue cheese crumbles and a bit less of the bechamel sauce. The serving size was ludicrous and we did not even make a dent in the serving.

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  • Restaurant Paradis in

    Restaurant Paradis

    The dining room is warm and dimly lit and obviously themed around the restaurant’s love for wine. I was there scouting the place as a potential date spot for a night out with my wife and I liked the feel of the place immediately.

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  • G. Foley's

    Right on 23rd and just past the FSU extension campus, G Foley’s is set in a neighborhood that doesn’t really look like it would house a fine dining establishment.

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  • Table 3 in Nashville

    Table 3

    The great thing in this instance is that Table 3 was less than a 100 yards from the theater that we dropped our daughter at for internment. Tucked on the north side of the Mall just outside of the Regal Theater, Table 3 brings a little bit of French charm to the neighborhood.

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  • City House in Nashville

    City House

    It is a conundrum. Can a restaurant that has pulled pork, collard greens and catfish on the menu really be an Italian restaurant?

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  • In-N-Out Burgers

    Yes, it is a bit strange that I am reviewing a fast food restaurant, but this particular one is a decadent pleasure for me. In-n-Out Burger is a Western US chain with just over 250 locations spanning California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

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  • decca

    An evening in Louisville gave me the opportunity to try a new place to dine. Decca is not just new to me, but truly new to the area. They have been open since March 15th of 2012 and are headed up by a pair of chefs from San Francisco.

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  • The Southern Steak & Oyster

    The Southern is an extension of the restaurant and catering company of Tom Morales. With brands like Loveless Cafe and Saffire and his own TomKats catering company it’s not like he has to prove anything to anyone. To me though, the Southern looks to be his way of making a statement.

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