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  • Destihl Restaurant in Champaign

    Destihl Restaurant

    Beautiful decor, plenty of seating, and free parking next door in the parking garage with validation - nice package. Beers were decent, food was good, service well-meaning but not polished. Definitely worth a visit when in Champaign.

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  • Vinny's Llc in Champaign

    Vinny's Llc

    Beautiful decor, plenty of seating, and free parking next door in the parking garage with validation - nice package. Beers were decent, food was good, service well-meaning but not polished. Definitely worth a visit when in Champaign.

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  • Two Brothers Tap House in Warrenville

    Two Brothers Tap House

    Food was pretty typical in terms of bar and grill presentation, though the special items we ordered showed quite a bit of creativity. Everything tasted good, though some of the bread items seemed on the stale side. Sweet potato and standard fries both had great flair, but I would have preferred them a bit crispier.

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  • Haute Sausage

    The newish Haute Sausage storefront is an awesome addition to the newly-formed foodie block on South Franklin. Kind of a non-descript interior, plaster animal heads are the only unusual design element. Seating for 24 or so means that you may have to take your orders to-go depending on day and time.

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  • Jade Dragon Restaurant in Hinsdale

    Jade Dragon Restaurant

    One of my favorite cuisines, good Chinese food has become very difficult to find, so it was great luck to find a restaurant with so much going for it. Fresh, crisp veggies, tasty sauces, and a varied menu were paired with friendly and efficient service. If you're ever in Hinsdale, IL and are in the mood for Chinese, this is the place for you.

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  • Obed and Isaac's Microbrewery in Springfield

    Obed and Isaac's Microbrewery

    Being at a brewpub, we felt obligated (in a good way) to taste their beer. I'm a fan of dark beers (and a sucker for fun names), so I had an easy choice, opting for the Silly Pants Stout, which was quite good, though a bit light for a stout. You can also get growlers of their beer to go.

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  • bread+bar

    Skip the large plates and go with sides, and try the Bacon Cheddar Biscuits with maple butter, Nana's Meatballs, and Brussels Sprouts with balsamic vinegar and bacon. While the wine menu unfortunately turns its back (for the most part) to local producers, there are plenty of decent wines by the glass for tasting.

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  • The Bent Brick

    I couldn't decide between The Hamburger Dog (with cheese, bent brick sauce, and relish) or the Buffalo Chicken Sausage (with carrots, celery, and blue cheese dressing), so I had both! Kind of strange that one comes on a bun and the other without, but there you have it. Either is worth ordering and, if you're like me, order some extra buffalo sauce with that option, which wasn't quite spicy enough for my taste. When Laima wavered about trying the Cocoa Braised Beef Cheeks (with sauerkraut, beets, and horseradish cream), our server (also the Bar Manager) told her that if Laima didn't like it, she'd eat it herself and bring something else for her to try. No worries there - while the cocoa didn't make much of an appearance, the beef was to her liking and beets are always good to include.

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  • Genoa Restaurant in Portland

    Genoa Restaurant

    Every dish held a surprise or a taste that went well beyond expectations. While we had hoped to have Oregon wines with our dinners, the mostly Italian options proved more than adequate. Presentation and information were top-notch, with everyone from the wait staff to the bus boy to the Sommelier helpful and knowledgeable; clearly, training is an integral part of the Genoa business plan.

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  • Bonefish Grill

    Except for some new restaurant missteps, it's clear that there is a commitment to good food and wines to match, with some twists and emphasis on regional fare forthcoming. Judging from the crowd on a Monday night and how much we (and the other diners) enjoyed our evening, Bonefish Grill will be a mainstay in Orland Park for a long time.

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  • Seasons 52

    Seasons 52 is one of the few finer dining restaurants we've seen that posts the Nutrition information online. Kudos to them for that. The other amazing thing is that their entire menu is under 475 Calories! So an appetizer, main course, 2 glasses of wine, and a dessert would total about 1,500 calories, probably the main course at most other restaurants. It's truly hard to believe when the food is so tasty and seemingly decadent. Brilliant job by the Chef.

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  • Octave Grill in Chesterton

    Octave Grill

    Salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees are all available, but it's hard to turn down one of the burgers. The toppings are far-ranging, from over-easy egg, fried guacamole, habanero havarti, and more, served with your choice of fresh cut fries, tots, coleslaw or side house salad ( add $1 for sweet potato tots).

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  • Chicago French Market

    Several weeks ago, while I was downtown, I took the opportunity to visit the Chicago French Market, Chicago's first and only year-round, indoor marketplace. The Bensidoun family...

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  • Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill & Tavern

    We'd heard some good things about Bartlett’s Gourmet Grill and Tavern (located in Beverly Shores, Indiana), so we took the opportunity to stop in on our way to Union Pier for a weekend. We headed out from downtown Chicago, across the Skyway Bridge, and then took the "scenic route" along Route 12...

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  • Le Bouchon in Chicago

    Le Bouchon

    French restaurant Le Bouchon, helmed by Chef Jean-Claude Poilevey, has been celebrating bistro fare for 20 years in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Chef Jean-Claude, who also owns La Sardine in Chicago...

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  • Geja's Cafe in Chicago

    Geja's Cafe

    About 25 years ago, when I started drinking wine, one way I used to educate myself was a wine club called A Taste of California...

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  • Poag Mahone's in Chicago

    Poag Mahone's

    Our waitress was attentive, knowledgeable, offered suggestions, and was ably supported by other wait staff. The food was good or better, and the ambiance appealing. If you are downtown and are looking for a casual meal, Poag's is a solid choice.

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