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Reviews from Been There Eaten That


  • Equinox Restaurant in Washington

    Equinox Restaurant

    Equinox is owned and operated by one of DC’s most respected chefs, Todd Gray. Gray has earned numerous awards including...

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  • Uchiko in Austin


    As the season progressed and Austin’s Paul Qui stood out as a top contender, the realization grew that we would be able to dine at Uchiko, where Paul is executive-chef...

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  • Rasika Restaurant in Washington

    Rasika Restaurant

    Rasika is ranked #9 on Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants 2011. Still, I am a little anxious about the food and the experience living up to my expectations and memories of previous visits...

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  • KOMI in Washington


    I am totally pumped up for dinner at Komi. Washingtonian has just named it the number one restaurant in the area for the fourth year in a row...

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  • Alinea in Chicago


    Our excitement is palpable. We have traveled to Chicago for the express purpose of dining here. We have talked about it with our friends for two years...

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