Looking for romantic restaurants for Valentine's Day?

Reviews from 24 Dollar Burger


  • ABC Kitchen in New York

    ABC Kitchen

    The beef produced by Akaushi cattle is richly marbled with fat and produces a very tender, flavorful, and expensive variety of steak. Well, they certainly got the expensive part right. Our burger was $24 (probably the most expensive burger I've ever had), but it was delicious. Good call on the akaushi, ABC Kitchen! Also, it had jalapenos on it, and I love jalapenos so naturally it had to be good...

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  • Naruto Ramen in New York

    Naruto Ramen

    I really like the way they packaged it to-go. They put the broth in one container and then the noodles, meat, etc. in another. I waited about 20 minutes after getting home to start eating, and it even stayed hot, which was amazing! Overall, I thought the soup was awesome.

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  • The Meatball Shop in New York

    The Meatball Shop

    This weekend I had my third encounter with the Meatball Shop. The first one was not so great (Dave and I tried to go the LES location for date night one week and there was a two hour wait so we had to go somewhere else), but my second experience there was so fantastic that it earned The Meatball Shop a spot on my list of top 5 favorite restaurants in NYC. The third visit definitely confirmed that.

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  • Estadio in Washington


    For my main course, I ordered creamy polenta with breakfast sausage and fried eggs. The polenta base was smooth and soft, and it was a nice pairing for the saltiness of the breakfast sausage and the richness of the fried eggs. The dish as a whole was very decadent which I didn't mind at all, and I had no problem finishing it off.

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  • Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego

    Lucha Libre Taco Shop

    And was it everything I hoped it would be and more? Absolutely. The steak–great flavor, tender and juicy; the shrimp–perfectly cooked in a fresh bright marinade. In addition, the crispness of the fries and the cooling avocado make this a SoCal burrito no one wants to miss!

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  • Garces Trading Company in Philadelphia

    Garces Trading Company

    There are many flavorful summer specials on the menu this year, including squashes and sweet cured meats. I opted for the Tuscan Fusilli Alla Carbonara, catching my eyes due to the runny egg served on top.

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  • Ristorante Piccolo in Washington

    Ristorante Piccolo

    Overall, the environment of the restaurant is warm and cozy, and the food is well suited to the ambiance. Ristorante Piccolo is definitely a great place for a special occasion or intimate dinner.

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  • Bongo Room in Chicago

    Bongo Room

    My sister in-law and I decided to take advantage of the fact that neither of us were working on this not-so-nice Tuesday and go to brunch at a place that usually has a ridiculously long wait on the weekends...

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  • The Guenther House in San Antonio

    The Guenther House

    The Guenther House is one of the most beautiful and historical restaurants I’ve ever been to. It was my 20th birthday the first time I visited, and my dad...

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  • Bayou Bobs in Denver

    Bayou Bobs

    I ordered the fried alligator tail to start, which was fine enough but completely unremarkable, whether paired with remoulade or tartar sauce. For my entrée, I went with blackened catfish...

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  • El Rinconcito Cafe Inc in Washington

    El Rinconcito Cafe Inc

    This little corner restaurant can fit maybe 10-15 diners at a time, but the variety of Latin American cuisines on the menu at El Rinconcito Café is impressive. The pupusas came out first...

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  • Parlor Steakhouse in New York

    Parlor Steakhouse

    As soon as my aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived, we were seated and greeted by our very nice and extremely friendly waitress...

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