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  • Left Bank in Buffalo

    Left Bank

    Overall, we were not happy. Left Bank is not cheap, both of our meals cost over $100 for only two people. Now, obviously we donít mind spending that kind of money, if the meal is great. When the meal is lackluster at best, we get mad. I understand that maybe 20 years ago Left Bank was one of the few places in the city that was producing interesting food, but now there are plenty of great restaurants less than a mile away who are pumping out creative quality dishes that are ten times better.

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  • Lone Star Grille in Buffalo

    Lone Star Grille

    I understand why Lone Star would have such a warm spot in someone's heart, especially if they lived in the area and remember going there as a kid. But the food itself isn't that memorable, and aside from being cheap (which I've probably mentioned way too much in this article) I can't think of a reason to go back and visit. I normally love those restaurants that aren't pretty on the outside (or in this case inside) but this one just didn't do it for me.

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  • Mother's Restaurant in Buffalo

    Mother's Restaurant

    It took me a couple years to finally get a chance to eat at Motherís and I have to say that it was well worth it. While it may not exactly be at the same level as Tempo or Left Bank, it is darn close. This is a place that I could find myself loving; a really cool location (Allentown), a cool building with a great patio (I hear its one of the best in Buffalo on a warm summer night), and a menu that constantly changes and is fresh and busting with tons of flavor.

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  • Founding Fathers Restaurant in Buffalo

    Founding Fathers Restaurant

    The real reason to go to Founding Fathers is Mike Driscoll. Sure you could sit with your friends at a table in the back and have a great night, but you'd be missing out on some fantastic entertainment at the bar. If you happen to go on a slower night (early weeknights) and sit at the bar, be prepared because you will start getting trivia questions from Mike. They'll range from all sorts of topics but mostly will revolve around US History and other weird facts about our country. These questions come from Mike's years of teaching Social Studies and renting out books at the library. If you start answering some correctly (or even just flat out guessing for 2 minutes) you might even start to see Mike do a little dance behind the bar or start spinning pints of beer in the air.

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  • Hamlin House Restaurant in Buffalo

    Hamlin House Restaurant

    This place is probably awesome for a cheap pre-game drink and getting a little tipsy before heading out on the town; they also serve dinner. The interior is a little dated (they definitely aren't catering to the under 30 crowd) but the old time World War I posters are a neat touch. I walked away definitely impressed with quality of food considering the low prices and I will be trying it out again.

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  • Amy's Place in Buffalo

    Amy's Place

    I canít say I had vivid memories of Amyís Place, I last visited at a time of my life when (sadly) chicken fingers made up 75% of my diet...

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  • Scarlet in Buffalo


    For our second meal of Restaurant Week we decided on Scarlet, a restaurant thatís tucked away in Allentown on Virginia, across the street from Fat Bobís and Mothers...

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  • 99 Fast Food Restaurant in Buffalo

    99 Fast Food Restaurant

    If you love cheap Vietnamese and Japanese food, this is the place for you. However, 99 Fast Food has so many things going against it..mostly its location...

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