Looking for restaurants open for Easter?

Reviews from Oh Hey, what's up?


  • Lick Ice Creams in Austin

    Lick Ice Creams

    I’m more of a savory than sweet girl. (That pertains to so many aspects of my life, I can’t even explain.) But you put “small batch, local, and seasonal” in one sentence and use it to describe ice cream I am so there...

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  • Longhorn Steakhouse in Sunset Valley

    Longhorn Steakhouse

    Ever drive past a restaurant over and over again, always see people in the parking lot, but never stop for dinner? That was me and Longhorn Steakhouse...

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  • Lucky Robot

    Everybody has been all abuzz about Lucky Robot since before they opened their doors for business, and not wanting to miss out on the hot ticket, I headed to South Congress with two of my coworkers last Friday...

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