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  • Hooters in Arlington


    The look of Hooter’s (to me) is that of an old surf shop. It’s sorta meant to look old and run down. Decorated with odds and ends but nothing too fancy. Surfers don’t care about niceties. The place is totally wooden inside. Complete with sometimes wobbly tables and cheap wooden stools to sit on...

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  • Mazzio's in Ardmore


    Mazzio’s is an “italian eatery” (as they call it now…it was just a “sit down” pizza place to me as a kid) that has locations in ten states so far. But if you live in Texas, or better yet, Oklahoma, you probably know about Mazzio’s...

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  • Bone Daddy's in Arlington

    Bone Daddy's

    We already reviewed BURGER GIRL and TILTED KILT. Today we turn our attention to BONE DADDY’s. We will stick to our loosely designed review template: reviewing the girls, the place, and the food separately...

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  • Big State Drug in Irving

    Big State Drug

    This is the second time, in a month that I have taken a wrong turn and ended up doing a review. I was cutting across through Irving TX, and I passed by BIG STATE DRUG STORE...

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  • Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery in Grapevine

    Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery

    This Tilted Kilt (in Grapevine) was once a TGI Friday’s. They have done an GREAT job too, as I couldn't tell for the longest time what the place USED to be before The T.K. crew came in...

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