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Reviews from Suits in Strange Places


  • Rivershack Tavern in Jefferson

    Rivershack Tavern

    My entrée of red beans and rice arrived simultaneously. This classic New Orleans dish is a special reserved for Mondays only. No Monday morning blues here. I felt damn lucky to snag this quintessential staple of Creole blue collar cooking. The beans were rich with flavor and creole seasoning and mixed with fall apart braised meat from some sort of tender, tasty animal. Iím guessing pig or rabbit. Best of all, the dish was topped with a giant link of smoky sausage charred just right with tell-tale grill marks. At $8.95 this meal was a bargain!

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  • Dan and Louis Oyster Bar in Portland

    Dan and Louis Oyster Bar

    My tiny farm-raised Hood River Canal $4 oysters were both saltier and sweeter than their wild East Coast brethren. Less briny and sandy and more of a pure taste of the ocean, I was glad I splurged for an Oregon "craft oyster". Worth $4 per slurp? Hell, no. But at least I could say I tried them. Now that that was over, it was time to order some actual food.

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  • Vista Pub

    My burger was a typically Oregonian compilation of delicious locally sourced gourmet components. Organic beef perfectly cooked to medium-rare juiciness.

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  • Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe in Eureka

    Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe

    I haven't voluntarily eaten a piece of fruit since the Reagan Administration. Don't start putting it in my beer!

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  • Payne's Bar-B-Que in Memphis

    Payne's Bar-B-Que

    Good barbeque often involves a bit of danger. No. Not the danger that youíll be making a middle of the night trip to the local Urgent Care with a bad case of food poisoning...

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  • Abe's Bar-B-Q in Clarksdale

    Abe's Bar-B-Q

    From Robert Johnson to Led Zeppelin to Eric Clapton, the image of a drifter standing in the moonlight at the crossing of two lonely roads has been elevated to an iconic symbolism...

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  • Robert's Western World in Nashville

    Robert's Western World

    You ever notice how a good greasy meal at midnight doesnít actually need to be good to be good...

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  • Skipper's Fish Camp in Darien

    Skipper's Fish Camp

    Remember that iconic Old Milwaukee television commercial -- all the dudes sitting around a campfire on the beach, sun setting into the lake, knocking back cold ones?

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