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  • Italians

    Wow – we were really impressed. We had made a reservation but didn’t really know if we needed one or not. Note to self – reservation needed. We arrived at 6pm on a Friday night and there were already quite a few tables taken (and it appeared nearly every table was already reserved)...

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  • Garufa in El Paso


    When I looked up the restaurant website and reviews, I learned that this was an Argentinean restaurant that specialized in steaks. Richard and I had loved an Argentinean restaurant we’d found in Western North Carolina, so we were definitely up to checking out Garufa’s...

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  • Ripe Eatery & Market in el Paso

    Ripe Eatery & Market

    Ripe is located in a shopping center (often a good sign, as we’ve learned!), so parking was easy. We entered the restaurant prior to 6pm on a weeknight, and plenty of tables were already taken by the after-work crowd as well as families...

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  • Barrigas Restaurant in El Paso

    Barrigas Restaurant

    We arrived at Barrigas at around 2pm on a Thursday afternoon, but there were still quite a few people arriving and eating (even as we left). After being seated at a comfortable booth, our young and very friendly server arrived...

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  • The Italian Kitchen West in el Paso

    The Italian Kitchen West

    Richard and I like to have a good Italian go-to restaurant fairly close to where we live. Richard likes the old-school “red sauce” Italian restaurants, and I’m mighty fond of those types of places myself. We hadn't really been to a place like this since arriving here in El Paso a while back, so we went in search of one today....

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  • Mancora Peruvian Restaurant

    We got the chance to try out Mancora Peruvian Restaurant on a recent weeknight. We walked in and were greeted by a very nice young woman who was to be our server for the evening...

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  • Billy Crews Dining Room in Santa Teresa

    Billy Crews Dining Room

    This place has been around since the 1950s and there is a lot that is “old school” about Billy Crews Restaurant. While some people may think there need to be some updates in menu or decor, we personally enjoy places like this that remind me of how things used to be....

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  • Ardovino's Pizza in El Paso

    Ardovino's Pizza

    It wasn’t Chicago deep dish (which is my all-time love in the word o’ pizza), but it was dang good. And you could get it by the slice. And it had all sort of strange (and strangely appealing) decor. And it was in the neighborhood, close to where we lived. So…..it had a lot going for it...

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  • Carnitas Queretaro in El Paso

    Carnitas Queretaro

    We headed to Carnitas Queretaro, the one near us on the Westside. Since moving to El Paso we’d had several people recommend it to us. So it was time to give it a try...

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  • Thyme Matters in El Paso

    Thyme Matters

    Thyme Matters is, on the outside, an unassuming little restaurant tucked into a strip mall on the Westside of El Paso. It is quite close to where we live, and I’d actually peeked in a couple of times...

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