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Reviews from Charm City Couple


  • Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore

    Blue Moon Cafe

    This restaurant does breakfast with a side of artsy, Baltimore authenticity. You cannot miss the place since it is the only row house painted blue from head to toe on the block...

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  • Alewife in Baltimore


    I strongly dislike restaurants that use fancy ingredients to charge higher prices for mediocre food. I came to Alewife on a weeknight expecting to be wowed. Boy was I wrong...

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  • Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia

    Iron Bridge Wine Company

    I was driving through the desert and stumbled upon the Garden of Eden; this Garden of Eden being the Iron Bridge Wine Company. Located near Centennial Park in Columbia, the building looks non-descript and uninviting. Once you enter the doors, it is a wine and food paradise...

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  • The Red Star Bar and Grill in Baltimore

    The Red Star Bar and Grill

    Red Star Bar and Grill is American through and through. My husband and I come here if we want a really great sandwich for a reasonable price in a chill atmosphere...

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  • Nacho Mama's in Baltimore

    Nacho Mama's

    Nacho Mamas - your food is not very delicious. Maybe itís because my husband is Hispanic or maybe itís because Iím no longer a poor college student. Whatever the reason was my experience at Nacho Mama's left me feeling sad and disappointed...

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  • Pasta Mista in Towson

    Pasta Mista

    Pasta Mista currently has 3 locations in Towson, Timonium, and Canton. I must say that I have been to all of them on numerous occasions. In short, I love this place. It was my go to place in college and continues to be my go to place now...

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  • Havana Road

    My husband is Puerto Rican so I have had my fair share of Hispanic food. Therefore, I know the difference between authentic and Americanized. I just need to say, Havana Road, you tricked and disappointed me...

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  • Daily Scoop in Pasadena

    Daily Scoop

    The Daily Scoop is everything you want in a neighborhood ice cream shop. Homemade ice cream, tons of flavors, friendly staff, and hilarious owners. This place is a serious gem tucked away in a Pasadena strip mall...

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  • Boog's Barbeque

    When I go to an Orioles game, it is not just about the baseball game but also about the food and drinks. These are the places that you must go in order to make your game day experience the best it can be...

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  • Tapas Adela Restaurant in Baltimore

    Tapas Adela Restaurant

    Even though there were some inconsistencies with the food, Tapas Adela delivered just what we ordered; a romantic dinner in a beautiful location with uniquely flavored dishes...

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  • Golden West Cafe in Baltimore

    Golden West Cafe

    Golden West Cafe is pretty much the essence of Hampden wrapped up into one awesome restaurant. The food is flavorful, the diners are eclectic, and the servers dress oh so cool...

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  • Miss Shirley's in Baltimore

    Miss Shirley's

    Oh Miss Shirley, what am I going to do with you? I want to like you but I just canít. Iíve been to all of your locations expecting to be wowed with all the awards hanging on the wall...

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