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  • Faustina in Salt Lake City


    The presentation was beautiful on this dish. The Faustina lasagna is more of a savory beefy lasagna then a traditional Italian marinara based lasagna. My favorite part of it was the delicious salami throughout the dish. There was a lot of savory flavors that played well together. While I enjoyed the dish, I wouldnít call it one of my favorites.

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  • Blue Iguana in Salt Lake City

    Blue Iguana

    Okay here we go with Utahís iguanas. Iím doing Blue first because I happen to eat there recently, and had pictures ready to go. My first impressions of the Blue Iguana is I really like the location of the restaurant...

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  • Park Cafe in Salt Lake City

    Park Cafe

    Iíve been driving by this place for years and have never stopped by before. That is almost 15 years now of missing out on one of the tastiest breakfast gems in the Salt Lake Valley...

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  • The Copper Onion in Salt Lake City

    The Copper Onion

    Here it is, the most highly anticipated lunch time visit since I started Food Radar 7 months ago. Many people ask me for food recommendations in the downtown SLC area. While I can only recommend places...

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  • Copper Creek Pub and Grub in West Valley City

    Copper Creek Pub and Grub

    I know I teased several months ago about revealing where my favorite West Valley spot was. I really was on the verge several times, but was side tracked by other restaurants that needed my attention...

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  • City Hall in Miami

    City Hall

    I loved my recent visit to City Hall the Restaurant while visiting Miami, Florida. They offer some great lunch time options, but with a twist. For example instead of appetizers from the menu, they called them...

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  • Eleven Eleven Mississippi in Saint Louis

    Eleven Eleven Mississippi

    On a recent trip to St. Louis, I really wanted to pick a nice place to eat, where I would have access to view a television in order to watch the election results come in...

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  • DP Cheesesteaks in South Jordan

    DP Cheesesteaks

    The Philly Cheesesteak. Grilled meat, with melted cheese on toasted bread. A true work of art. DP Cheesesteaks downtown in downtown SLC serves up a variety of these classic sandwiches and does...

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  • Hillstone Restaurant Group, Inc. in Phoenix

    Hillstone Restaurant Group, Inc.

    HillStone is one of the classiest places Iíve been to in a long long time. From the outside entrance of the restaurant to the inner reception area, HillStone gives you full visibility to pretty much their entire operation. As you can see from the upper photo...

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  • Zinburger in Phoenix


    Zinmaster and you would have to put a picture of Phil Jackson on the wall. Zenburger and the only choice would be a picture of a cow. And in my book, anytime you have a picture of a cow on the outside of your burger...

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  • Bruxie in Orange


    I felt it was time for my first venture outside the Salt Lake City area. Many of us will be thinking of family vacations and trips, and a favorite place for all Utahns to visit is of course the most magical place on earth...

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  • The Wild Rose in South Jordan

    The Wild Rose

    Here goes my first review into the world of fine-dining. Iíve found that when it comes to places like these, it becomes even more important to do your homework and find out from peers how good the food and experience is...

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  • Pat's Barbeque Catering Llc in Salt Lake City

    Pat's Barbeque Catering Llc

    It took me 6 posts to get around to my all-time favorite food, barbecue!!! Ever since I was a little kid Iíve had a love affair with anything barbecue related...

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