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Reviews from SLC Food Radar


  • My Sugars Donut Shopp in Salt Lake City

    My Sugars Donut Shopp

    My Sugar's Donut Shop. Nice little store. Family run, there are even pictures of the kids on the wall as you look at the donuts. I like the feel I'm getting while getting to support a local Utah business, while eating delicious donuts at the same time. I'll be back.

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  • Banbury Cross in Salt Lake City

    Banbury Cross

    It doesn’t take an NFL replacement referee to figure out where the best tasting donuts in town are. I’m almost embarrassed to post this review, because pretty much everyone already knows this place, and recognizes...

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  • Glaus French Pastry Shoppe in Salt Lake City

    Glaus French Pastry Shoppe

    You know how tough it is to keep up on this blog when I’m trying to lose weight? It’s pretty tough. Especially when you work a few blocks away from some of the best pastries in Utah. Glaus has been around for a very long time...

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  • Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City

    Les Madeleines

    Remember in the cartoon movie “Charlotte’s Web” when Templeton the rat goes around the county fair eating everything in site. I believe the name...

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  • Siegfried's Delicatessen Inc in Salt Lake City

    Siegfried's Delicatessen Inc

    I first heard about Siegfried’s right after I did my Robin’s Nest review. Robin’s Nest has some of the best sandwiches in SLC, UT, but one of my readers suggested I try one of Siegfried’s famous reuben sandwiches before I gave...

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