Reviews from SLC Food Radar

  • Takashi in Salt Lake City


    The only thing that I saw as a negative, and Iíve heard this from several friends now is Takashi is a bit on the expensive side. I left pretty full, but between the 3 of us, the bill was at $130. While I loved Takashi, and enjoyed their sushi, I probably wonít be going back for a leisurely dinner.

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  • Bohemian Brewery & Grill in Midvale

    Bohemian Brewery & Grill

    I would eat at Bohemian Brewery again for sure. The plates were a touch on the expensive side at $15 to $20 a plate, but the quality and atmosphere made it worth it. Iíve also heard from my office beer drinkers that the selection is quite nice.

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  • Stella in Salt Lake City


    Stella is located right down the street from where I work in Murray, Utah. Locals will remember this location and that it used to be a Firehouse BBQ. It was converted over several years ago to Stellaís which...

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  • Sugarhouse Barbeque Company in Salt Lake City

    Sugarhouse Barbeque Company

    Ah Sugarhouse BBQ. There is just something about that name that sounds right. Kinda rolls off the tongue if you know what I mean? Sugarhouse BBQ...

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  • Zinburger in Phoenix


    Zinmaster and you would have to put a picture of Phil Jackson on the wall. Zenburger and the only choice would be a picture of a cow. And in my book, anytime you have a picture of a cow on the outside of your burger...

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  • Tin Roof Grill in Sandy

    Tin Roof Grill

    Found this place today, and already feel comfortable ranking it among my favorite places to eat. Of my family of 5 there were 5 solid votes that this place was awesome. Even little Levi kept chugging down his freshly...

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  • Tarahumara in Midway


    When it comes to Mexican food, this place is an absolute diamond in a land of candy machine plastic finger gems. Iím really starting to get stingy when it comes to where I go for Mexican food...

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  • Porcupine Pub & Grille in Salt Lake City

    Porcupine Pub & Grille

    Ski season may very well be coming to an end here in Salt Lake City, but it doesnít mean you canít take a trip to the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon and pay a visit to Porcupine Pub and Grille. Porcupine has that ski lodge feel to it...

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  • Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City

    Lucky 13

    Iím a huge fan of the ďMan vs. FoodĒ T.V show on the Travel Channel. In fact Adam just celebrated a birthday a few days ago. ..

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