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  • Bachi Burger in Las Vegas

    Bachi Burger

    My burger was the love child of a cheeseburger and the Bahn Mi Sandwich. Beef, pork, and shrimp patty with lemongrass, pork pate, fresh herbs, curry aioli, pickled veggies, and nuoc mam sauce. This burger was also amazing. I've had some really good bahn mi sandwiches before, and I love the bahn mi. The only thing I got worried about is when the waitress said it came with a fish sauce. The sauce didn't give the burger a fishy taste at all, in fact it enhanced the flavor beautifully.

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  • Copper Creek Pub and Grub in West Valley City

    Copper Creek Pub and Grub

    I know I teased several months ago about revealing where my favorite West Valley spot was. I really was on the verge several times, but was side tracked by other restaurants that needed my attention...

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  • Zinburger in Phoenix


    Zinmaster and you would have to put a picture of Phil Jackson on the wall. Zenburger and the only choice would be a picture of a cow. And in my book, anytime you have a picture of a cow on the outside of your burger...

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  • Salt City Burger Co in Sandy

    Salt City Burger Co

    There are a few subtle nuances of Salt City Burger that makes it a really solid choice for a burger and fry destination. First and foremost...

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  • Guzzi's in Salt Lake City


    KSL A-List has a Fry Sauce tournament going on right now, where they are pitting the best 16 fry sauces around in a winner take all competition. You can vote on your favorite fry sauce by visiting...

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  • Smashburger in Draper


    This week I had a chance to get an in-depth look at the new Smashburger opening on the corner of Fort Union and Union Park Ave. Ive always been a fan of the chain and have associated them with freshness and quality along with really tasty smash fries and sweet potato fries...

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  • Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City

    Lucky 13

    Im a huge fan of the Man vs. Food T.V show on the Travel Channel. In fact Adam just celebrated a birthday a few days ago. ..

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  • The Training Table Restaurants - Creekside in Salt Lake City

    The Training Table Restaurants - Creekside

    Im dedicating this post to my friend Jim that I work with. Jim recently moved here from Chicago, and as a food guy, I took it upon myself to take him to all the great places to eat in Salt Lake City. We hit up Moochies...

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