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  • Cafe Niche in Salt Lake City

    Cafe Niche

    I'm glad I came to Niche. If you are looking for a neighborhood feel and fresh organic taste then come to here. The prices weren't even as high as we were expecting. I’ll definitely be back here. Will probably go with the breakfast sandwich next time!

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  • Park Cafe in Salt Lake City

    Park Cafe

    I’ve been driving by this place for years and have never stopped by before. That is almost 15 years now of missing out on one of the tastiest breakfast gems in the Salt Lake Valley...

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  • Cafe Guanaco in Salt Lake City

    Cafe Guanaco

    There are certain countries and regions of the world that have strong associations with certain foods. If I say Mexican, you may immediately think tacos and burritos. If I Chinese, you may think fried rice. If I say Italian, you think spaghetti...

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  • Trio Cafe Cottonwood in Sandy

    Trio Cafe Cottonwood

    As I was walking up to the Cafe Trio door for lunch today, I wondered to myself why they repeated the word “Cafe” three times. Was it some Hebrew thing where...

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  • Carl's Cafe in Salt Lake City

    Carl's Cafe

    When I go into Carl’s Cafe, I feel like I am being transported into a diner from the 80′s. Not the in your face “Saved by the Bell” diner, but a foot of the canyon, ski bum diner. The good news here is that apparently someone forgot to tell Carl that this is 2013 and not the 80′s...

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  • Penny Ann's Cafe in Salt Lake City

    Penny Ann's Cafe

    I was scrolling through last week’s Groupon offering and one stood out for Penny Ann’s Cafe. It had a picture of tasty looking sandwich and was $6 dollars for $12 dollars worth of food. It was well worth the purchase...

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  • Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City

    Les Madeleines

    Remember in the cartoon movie “Charlotte’s Web” when Templeton the rat goes around the county fair eating everything in site. I believe the name...

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