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  • Faustina in Salt Lake City


    The presentation was beautiful on this dish. The Faustina lasagna is more of a savory beefy lasagna then a traditional Italian marinara based lasagna. My favorite part of it was the delicious salami throughout the dish. There was a lot of savory flavors that played well together. While I enjoyed the dish, I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites.

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  • Elements Restaurant in Logan

    Elements Restaurant

    Being the food lover I am, I asked many of the people I met during my 2 day Logan, Utah visit to tell me about their favorite places to eat in Logan. I have a few reoccurring places suggested to me like Angie’s Diner...

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  • Siragusa's Italian Cuisine in Taylorsville

    Siragusa's Italian Cuisine

    I love me some Italian food. Seems like good Italian food is tough to come by in Salt Lake City. Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in this town. You can get a street taco pretty much anywhere, but if you want some decent...

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  • Eleven Eleven Mississippi in Saint Louis

    Eleven Eleven Mississippi

    On a recent trip to St. Louis, I really wanted to pick a nice place to eat, where I would have access to view a television in order to watch the election results come in...

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  • Brio Tuscan Grille in Murray

    Brio Tuscan Grille

    Brio Tuscan Grille opened a few months ago at Fashion Place Mall right between Nordstroms and H&M. I first visited Brio in St. Louis where I went several times for lunch...

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  • Trio Cafe Cottonwood in Sandy

    Trio Cafe Cottonwood

    As I was walking up to the Cafe Trio door for lunch today, I wondered to myself why they repeated the word “Cafe” three times. Was it some Hebrew thing where...

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  • Cannella's in Salt Lake City


    Yes the immortal words of the great Dean Martin, that’s what immediately came to mind when I read a little chalk board easel just off the sidewalk over on the corner of 200 East and 500 South...

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  • Italian Village in Salt Lake City

    Italian Village

    Any of you have one of those places you have been to, that when you are finished eating you think to yourself “Why don’t I eat here more often?” or “When is the next time I’m coming back, Do I have plans tomorrow?”...

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  • Moochie's Meatballs and More! in Salt Lake City

    Moochie's Meatballs and More!

    You can often tell how good the food is in a restaurant by how busy it seems during lunchtime. I really enjoy finding the “hole in the wall” or “hidden diner” that although tucked away in a remote neighborhood has awesome food...

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