Looking for Mother's Day Restaurants?

Reviews from SLC Food Radar


  • Blue Iguana in Salt Lake City

    Blue Iguana

    Okay here we go with Utahs iguanas. Im doing Blue first because I happen to eat there recently, and had pictures ready to go. My first impressions of the Blue Iguana is I really like the location of the restaurant...

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  • Red Iguana in Salt Lake City

    Red Iguana

    Gather together the experts and ask the question What is the best restaurant in Salt Lake City? It wont matter what type of food you like, that conversation would have to start with Red Iguana. Red Iguana has been open since 1985 and has won award after award after award...

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  • Milagros Mexican Restaurant and Catering in Orem

    Milagros Mexican Restaurant and Catering

    Kinda a funny story on how we stumbled upon Milagros as our dinner choice on black Friday. After a visit to the new outlet shops on Traverse Mountain, I wanted to use my Groupon...

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  • Tarahumara in Midway


    When it comes to Mexican food, this place is an absolute diamond in a land of candy machine plastic finger gems. Im really starting to get stingy when it comes to where I go for Mexican food...

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  • LA Hacienda in Salt Lake City

    LA Hacienda

    If La Hacienda was an American Idol contestant, then Randy Jackson would emphatically say La Hacienda is in it to win it!!!. Lets say that American Idol came to Salt Lake City for auditions, but instead of contestants you had restaurants...

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  • Skyline Chili Restaurants in Dayton

    Skyline Chili Restaurants

    Chili is one of those foods that really has a wide range of interpretation as to how to prepare it. Chili cook-offs around the country can have as many as 20 different categories based on beans, spiciness, meat, color, flavor etc. of the chili...

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