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  • Este in Salt Lake City


    Este Pizza in Sugarhouse, Utah has some great pizza and is in a really cool location. I pulled up for lunch today, and took about 5 minutes to marvel at the vine wall outside the restaurant. It reminded me of a kid...

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  • Porcupine Pub & Grille in Salt Lake City

    Porcupine Pub & Grille

    Ski season may very well be coming to an end here in Salt Lake City, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip to the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon and pay a visit to Porcupine Pub and Grille. Porcupine has that ski lodge feel to it...

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  • Maxwell's East Coast Eatery in Salt Lake City

    Maxwell's East Coast Eatery

    Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery!! So I have a buddy that has been talking up this place for months now. “Hey Hyrum, when we going to Maxwell’s” “Hey Hyrum” “Hey Hyrum.” Finally I decided to give Maxwell’s a try. I’ve actually walked by...

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  • Italian Village in Salt Lake City

    Italian Village

    Any of you have one of those places you have been to, that when you are finished eating you think to yourself “Why don’t I eat here more often?” or “When is the next time I’m coming back, Do I have plans tomorrow?”...

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  • Marion's Piazza - Centerville in Dayton

    Marion's Piazza - Centerville

    It’s with great emotion and excitement I write this review. Marion’s was the first pizza I ever fell in love with, and as such has a special place in my heart. It is fascinating to me, reading reviews around the interwebs of Marion’s haters out there...

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  • Settebello Pizzeria in Salt Lake City

    Settebello Pizzeria

    What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of pizza? For me pizza parties, football games, quick dinners, the delivery guy, and even the awesome Domino’s pizza Noid back in the 1980′s...

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