Looking for restaurants open for Easter?

Reviews from SLC Food Radar


  • The Pizza Factory in Salt Lake City

    The Pizza Factory

    Sometimes in my household, I will get home from work on a Friday afternoon, and my wife will give me that “Get me out of here” look. The kids will be lying upside down on the couch after watching SpongeBob Squarepants for hours...

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  • The Training Table Restaurants - Creekside in Salt Lake City

    The Training Table Restaurants - Creekside

    I’m dedicating this post to my friend Jim that I work with. Jim recently moved here from Chicago, and as a food guy, I took it upon myself to take him to all the great places to eat in Salt Lake City. We hit up Moochies...

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  • Italian Village in Salt Lake City

    Italian Village

    Any of you have one of those places you have been to, that when you are finished eating you think to yourself “Why don’t I eat here more often?” or “When is the next time I’m coming back, Do I have plans tomorrow?”...

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