Looking for restaurants open on Thanksgiving?

Reviews from SLC Food Radar


  • Benja Thai & Sushi in Saint George

    Benja Thai & Sushi

    We are getting really close for my pick for best St. George restaurant. And believe me, I had a real internal struggle when choosing between my last two choices. I could really go...

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  • Chiang Mai Thai Cuisine in South Jordon

    Chiang Mai Thai Cuisine

    Yes that is a golden kitty cat with its hand waiving back and forth as you go inside Mai Thai restaurant in South Jordan. I normally am not a cat person. I donít hate cats like Greg Focker, Iím just more of a dog person...

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  • Red Basil Thai Bistro in West Jordan

    Red Basil Thai Bistro

    From Ogden down to Provo there are 81 Thai restaurants to choose from. I feel fortunate to have found this place. Located just East of Village Baker in Sandy, this place is a real find for those seeking not only great tasting...

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