Reviews from alone with a cupcake.

  • Towne in Boston


    My favorite thing was the Hash and Eggs. The cheese selection was great and delicious as well, but cheese is easily found this way. The Eggs Benedict with Bacon was good, but got cold quickly when removed from its heating device. I tried and attempted to like an oyster but decided I should just give up on that, although I found the Lobster Cobb Salad very tasty. Lastly, the buffet included a dessert table, but I was TOO FULL TO EAT IT. Distress to a new degree.

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  • Toro Inc in Roxbury

    Toro Inc

    A good restaurant makes new dishes creatively, simple dishes extravagantly tasty, and classic dishes exceed expectations. That's what Toro did. Everything was flavorful and made that way with real ingredients and unique spices, not by over salting or oiling – a problem I've found at other tapas eateries.

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  • Eastern Standard in Boston

    Eastern Standard

    What's worth the trip and the price every time, though, is the Butterscotch Bread Pudding. It's warm, the consistency is to perfection, and it's sweet in all the right places. The Butterscotch makes it more interesting than the usual bread pudding, and the ice cream is adds a whole other dimension. I guarantee you'll see one at every other table.

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  • Bergamot in Somerville


    Parts of these were great but others were, not. The peaches on the corn fritters were fantastic, and the idea warrants points, but the fritters were almost like cornbread texture, neither soft nor warm. The tomatoes were good, but frying and drizzling anything in buttermilk dressing will make me like it.

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  • Oleana in Cambridge


    The Lamb meatballs, served with yogurt broth, corn, pine nuts, apricot and tomatoes, were amazing. The falafel with cucumber and lime was everything I had hoped for. Chef Ana Sortun definitely has Mediterranean magic up her sleeve.

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  • Pizzeria Posto

    At Posto we dined alongside Alec Riveros, a partner of the restaurant group that owns it and the tremendously successful Painted Burro down the street...

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  • Vee Vee in Jamaica Plain

    Vee Vee

    It’s possibile this might not be the right job for someone like me. As it’s turning out, I love everything I eat. Who knew? The term ‘Food Critic’ doesn’t really apply yet...

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