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  • Oxford Exchange in Tampa

    Oxford Exchange

    pon entering the nondescript outer building, prepare yourself for a classy atmosphere that is unparalleled in the Tampa Bay area. I felt like I was in New York or London. The high ceilings were impressive, the tile floors beautiful, and the ambiance equal parts welcoming and fashionable. It is entirely unique. There is a tea bar stocked with locally owned and vast varieties of loose leaf tea. I will need to go back and spend some time in this area of the building.

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  • The Meeting Place in Tampa

    The Meeting Place

    On one hand, it has an old-school diner vibe, complete with plastic seats, antiquated décor, and lots of commotion. On the other hand, the food is reminiscent of a gastro pub, complete with innovative dishes and cocktails.

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  • World of Beer in Tampa

    World of Beer

    If you are looking for a great venue to watch some soccer (or sport of your choice), this is the place for you. Everything a sports lover’s heart desires is encompassed in the WOB walls: extensive beer list, quality bar snacks, and friendly staff.

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  • Ciccio & Tony's Restaurant in Saint Petersburg

    Ciccio & Tony's Restaurant

    A new top-notch bowl for me is also the Half Moon Fish Taco. This pile of yummy contains grilled Mahi, onions, black beans, salsa, cilantro, jalapenos, lime vinaigrette, guacomole, tortilla strips, lettuce, and wasabi aioli. Ah-mayyyyy-zing.

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  • The Bricks in Tampa

    The Bricks

    Sandwich lovers: Behold The Bird & Pig: Roasted pulled chicken, Brie, bacon, apples, agave, and pressed sweet bread. Congratulations, you just made my Top 5 Sandwich List for 2014, and it is only April. I paid a few extra bones for a side of one of the finest macaroni and cheese dishes I have ever been lucky enough to come across.

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  • Meze 119 in Saint Petersburg

    Meze 119

    Welcome to the land of gourmet vegetarian food. This, friends, is what no-meat dishes should taste like. Everything that went past my face this day looked and smelled like a meat-free dream. After our meal, our bill was delivered in this journal. How fabulous is that? Even the bill, like everything else in this restaurant, has a little special extra touch. I cannot wait to go back, and sample every single item on their menu.

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  • Bono's Bar-B-Q in Gainesville

    Bono's Bar-B-Q

    I opted for the Bird Dog: Smoked Turkey topped with a Smoked Sausage Link. I loved that there were a plethora of sauces at the table to sample. My side? Fried corn on the cob, which I had never bitten into in my life. It was odd! So buttery, so greasy, so wrong, and yet so right.

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  • Max Lager's Grill and Brewery in Atlanta

    Max Lager's Grill and Brewery

    The Peachtree Special is a wood-fired chicken sandwich with white cheddar, bacon, onion mayo, and an onion roll. It sounded amazing; it was sadly nothing special. The seasoned fries were excellent.

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  • Capital Grille in Tampa

    Capital Grille

    The Capital Grille is my new favorite restaurant in the fancy pants category. The ambiance is second to none; this place oozes sophistication out of its pores. The service is always spot-on; any time I am in a place where the waiter quickly replaces your white napkin with a black one due to the color of your pants, you know immediately you will be taken care of.

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  • Stacks' in San Francisco


    Stacks advertises “comfortable food”. They came through on that promise tenfold. The staff is super friendly and the food is abundant and fresh. As per usual, I had a hard time deciding, so I deferred to our waiter. He chose the Reuben for me. Done to perfection was the combination of corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing, and Swiss cheese on grilled rye.

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  • Pinky's Diner in Tampa

    Pinky's Diner

    This was the best grilled cheese I have had in a long time. Provolone, Swiss, and Cheddar, (I substituted the Chef's homemade bacon for the prosciutto-can’t go wrong there), tomato and Basil on grilled whole wheat. To die for. The Roast Beef was also pretty tasty: Roast Beef, caramelized onions, Provolone, tomato, and tomato-garlic aioli on a toasty warm onion roll.

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  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers in Tampa

    Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers

    We always order a half and half pizza. On this magical night, we smartly went with Bubba's Bacon Bonanza (All hail the pig, & I love alliteration!) and the Bayou Bleu. Both varieties were just amazing. Sadly, I think the Bubba's pie was a limited release. Here is hoping they add it to the permanent menu.

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  • Casita Taqueria

    The Barbacoa (braised beef) Torta was a hot (literal and figural) mess. Beef, black beans, onions, guacamole, cilantro, and pickled jalapenos. The stars of this Mexican show are the tacos. Each yummy bite comes on a fresh homemade corn tortilla.

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  • Truffles Grill

    The grilled cheese was one of the best I have had in a restaurant setting. The housemade pimento cheese was creamy and plentiful. The inch-thick sourdough was grilled to perfection. The soulmate of this sandy was the flavorful tomato and dill soup.

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  • Harvey's 4th Street Grill in Saint Petersburg

    Harvey's 4th Street Grill

    The ingredients were tasty; I decided to have it grilled. I’m not sure what happened there; the bread was sort of grilled but cold when it came to me. The Husband’s 4th Street Grill, however, was grilled to perfection. Hot pastrami, cole slaw, muenster cheese and 1000 Island dressing on grilled pumpernickel.

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  • Racines in Denver


    Whenever I visit my BF Stacy in Denver, she asks me where I would like to eat. My answer, always, is Racines. We chose to sit outside, which was lovely...and a bit slanted as the table we were seated at was on a definite tilt.

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  • Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish Inc in South Pasadena

    Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish Inc

    We also were happy to partake in the Manhattan style clam chowder and the best German Potato Salad that this mouth has come in contact with. Our favorite item of the day was the cheeseburger that Spencer ordered. I love that one of the finest burgers I have had came via a fish restaurant. If you are looking for a down-home place with awesome service and simple food done deliciously well, head on over to Ted Peters.

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  • The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge in Saint Petersburg

    The Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge

    I have always heard good things about The Hangar and had seen it after a trip to the new Dali museum. What an amazing view! The Hangar is located overlooking Albert Whitted Airport. How fun to watch planes and helicopters take flight while enjoying a fabulous lunch.

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  • Lee Roy Selmon's Restaurant in Tampa

    Lee Roy Selmon's Restaurant

    I am always stuffed when I leave Selmon’s. The staff is always super friendly, and they always seem to have some pretty great specials going on. We recently signed up for the Victory Club (free to join) and have already earned some free appetizers. This restaurant, I am sure, was a major source of pride for that late, great Buccaneer.

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  • Fresco's Ristorante in Saint Petersburg

    Fresco's Ristorante

    My side of pasta salad was good. Fresco's is a little overpriced, but it is worth it for that view. I am sure I will need another Fresco’s date soon.

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  • Jimbo's Pit Bar-B-Q Of Tampa in Tampa

    Jimbo's Pit Bar-B-Q Of Tampa

    The beans and mac and cheese were good, the Hush Puppies were to die for. We'll for sure be back to this down home place; probably when we are an old married couple.

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  • Earl of Sandwich in Tampa

    Earl of Sandwich

    The Earl is a little pricey, but the sandwiches are big enough to share and they have some decent side items. I'll always have a special place in my heart for The Earl; I was first introduced to it in Vegas and have always been thankful that they have a location in Tampa.

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  • Fourth Street Shrimp Store Restaurant in Saint Petersburg

    Fourth Street Shrimp Store Restaurant

    I ordered the Cod Sandwich (fried) with a cup of clam chowder. You may also choose to have your fish blackened or broiled. The chowder was delicious; the sandwich was huge and came on a freshly baked bun with lettuce and tomato.

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  • The Stone Soup Cafe

    I went for the 1/2 salad and 1/2 sandy combo. The Super Cheese boasts Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, Sprouts, Tomato, Parmesan, Spinach, Honey Mustard all on Swirl Bread. The 1/2 sandy is huge! At $6.25 it is a steal of a deal.

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  • Red Mesa

    Everything I have ever had on the menu at Red Mesa has been so flavorful and perfect...except for my torta. Womp womp. The sandwich gal was denied, Mexican style. I am 95% convinced that a good torta just does not exist, or I am ordering the wrong ones. The quest continues, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Luke's Coney Island

    We got down to business with the Slaw Dog (crunchy and well seasoned), a Coney Dog (mustard, onion, and Coney Sauce) and some finger licking Chili Fries (so crispy good and covered with the aforementioned Coney Sauce…Spencer almost lost a finger over the last one). We cleaned our plates and dipped out of there for around $13.

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  • Brio Tuscan Grille in Tampa

    Brio Tuscan Grille

    When a gal is shopping for her very first wedding dress at International Mall in Tampa, she needs four things: Best friends, comfortable shoes, a glass of wine, and a sandwich. We took a well deserved break at Brio.

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  • Athenian Gardens in Saint Petersburg

    Athenian Gardens

    The Gyro here is always top-notch; the meat (beef/lamb) is always done to perfection, the veggies (lettuce/tomato/onion) always fresh, the tzatziki sauce coolness in condiment form, all surrounded by toasty good pita bread.

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  • Four Rivers Smokehouse

    This is easily one of the top 5 sandys on my all time list….perfectly cooked meat with just the right amount of toppings that were just a little spicy, just a little hot, just a little sweet, just enough gooey cheese…Perfection.

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  • Cheesecake Factory in Tampa

    Cheesecake Factory

    There are two games I like to play when dining at The Cheesecake Factory at International Mall in Tampa. Game #1 involves me seeing how many bites I can sample from everyone’s plate.

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  • St. Pete Bagel Co.

    I have passed by this place a million times, I am so glad to have finally made it through their doors. This small eatery boasts many coffee choices, doughnuts, sandys, and of course the obligatory bagels and smear.

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  • Aguila Sandwich Shop in Tampa

    Aguila Sandwich Shop

    We also sampled the Stuffed Potato (so good) and a Ham and Swiss Empanada. I topped it all off with the best Cafe con Leche I have ever had. This restaurant was also featured on an episode of Man vs. Food which is pretty cool. The atmosphere is a family vibe, the staff is welcoming, and the food is awesome. I’ll for sure head back to this place.

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  • Gulf Coast PO' Boys in Largo

    Gulf Coast PO' Boys

    Our Po' Boy guide directed us toward the Cajun Andouille. Both sandys were top notch. The roast beef on mine was marinated and had about 72 layers of flavor. The bread was just the right amount of crunchy and squishy.

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  • Le Pain Quotidien in New York

    Le Pain Quotidien

    If you ever pass by this restaurant (currently a chain in 7 states) do yourself a favor: dip in and enjoy a light, fresh, international lunch.

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  • Lucky Dill Deli Central in Saint Petersburg

    Lucky Dill Deli Central

    Turkey breast, Swiss, Bacon, and Cole Slaw pressed on Cuban bread with a side of Russian Dressing. This sandwich was simply...amazing

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  • Dexters of Thorton Park in Orlando

    Dexters of Thorton Park

    I opted for the garden salad with Feta Ranch (yum!) and the Pressed Duck. Roasted and pulled duckling meat on French bread with grilled onions and melted Brie cheese. Simple and well made.

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  • Datz in Tampa


    The flavors were amazing. Both came with a new favorite side item: Homemade chips with sour cream and chives. Datz is super busy. I don’t mind a wait, and I enjoyed taking in all that the restaurant had to offer.

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  • Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches in Saint Petersburg

    Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

    This fantastic "sandwich" is from Jimmy John’s.the only place that will deliver to the schoolhouse at our 10:50 lunch time

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  • Flying Pan

    Flying Pan has the best tasting crepes in the Tampa Bay area. The only complaint of the day was from my voracious husband: not enough food.

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  • Frank and Steins in Orlando

    Frank and Steins

    One of my favorite haunts in Orlando is Frank & Steins Eatery and Pub in the downtown area. That clever name...

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  • Wrights Gourmet House in Tampa

    Wrights Gourmet House

    Well, Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa is now officially my favorite sandwich place. After golfing on a beautiful day, we headed over at around 2:00...

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  • Pita's Republic Saint Petersburg in Saint Petersburg

    Pita's Republic Saint Petersburg

    Today is what I like to call a “Gravy Day”…I wasn’t expecting or planning on a great sandwich, but a delicious one found it’s way into my mouth. I was shopping at a complex close to my house when I stumbled upon Pita’s Republic...

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  • Sun Rose Cafe, Inc.

    On a blustery day in Longmont, Colorado, we found our way to the Sun Rose Cafe. It was nestled in between several shops in a very quaint downtown area. When we walked in, it seemed like everyone from the cashier to what...

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  • Cherry Cricket in Denver

    Cherry Cricket

    I’m going to go ahead and marry this sandwich from The Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado. It is grilled delicious goodness. Piled with Swiss Cheese, avocado, tomato, grilled onion, and 1000 Island dressing…

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  • Beak's Old Florida in Saint Petersburg

    Beak's Old Florida

    My never-ending quest to eat all versions of the mighty Grilled Cheese sometimes makes my ordering life easy. That and the fact that I am the least picky eater in the free world. Beak’s St. Pete (note the new name...

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  • Kopper Kitchen in Saint Petersburg

    Kopper Kitchen

    I have been coming to the Kopper Kitchen in St. Petersburg for lunch for many years, as it is close to the schoolhouse. The restaurant is family owned and operated and it always makes me feel at home...

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  • Square 1 Burgers in Tampa

    Square 1 Burgers

    Is a burger technically a sandwich?? If not then I am making an exception for the Greatest Burger Ever to Have Entered my Mouth. After spending the day at the NCAA tournament in Tampa, we decided to head...

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  • Caribbean Cafe in Saint Petersburg

    Caribbean Cafe

    I have had approximately one million sandwiches from here over the years, and the results are always delightful. The decor is pure Florida…..palm tree paintings abound and the sign for the bathroom states...

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  • O' Bistro in Saint Petersburg

    O' Bistro

    I have been coming to O Bistro for lunch for many, many years. It is a lovely place to have a quiet, usually delicious meal. I am fairly certain I have eaten everything on the menu at least once...

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  • Yellow Dog Eats in Orlando

    Yellow Dog Eats

    In my never ending quest to find a perfect sandwich, my journey may very well end someday amid the comfy confines of Yellow Dog Eats...

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  • Colonial Corner Hoagie Shop

    Whatever you are doing, stop. Go right now to Colonial Corner in Pinellas Park and put this sandwich in your face.

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  • Pete and Shorty's in Pinellas Park

    Pete and Shorty's

    My Husband and I are admitted cinephiles. After a recent morning showing of Star Trek Into Darkness (well worth the extra $ for the 3-D experience), we were in the Pinellas Park area and on the prowl for lunch...

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  • Brewburgers in Saint Petersburg


    A recent Sunday Funday found The Husband and me at the new Brewburgers in south St. Petersburg. We had previously had a poor experience at the Tampa location...

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  • Grillsmith Restaurant in Tampa

    Grillsmith Restaurant

    We ended up at Grillsmith in Tampa on a recent Sunday afternoon. I love the ambience of this place. The bread basket was fresh out of the oven and was instantly devoured...

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  • Courtside Grille in Saint Petersburg

    Courtside Grille

    I have eaten an inordinate amount of Reubens in my day. It is borderline shocking that I have never eaten one before at Courtside Grille in St. Petersburg. Shocking because when The Husband and I first started dating, we went to Courtside quite a bit...

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  • Mr Dunderbaks in Tampa

    Mr Dunderbaks

    That was a fantastic experience. Takara is located in the world’s most magical foodie lover’s strip mall. I speak the truth. The line-up in this little place on Bruce B Downs includes Takara, Jersey Mike’s, Acropolis, and Mr. Dunderbak’s...

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  • Eats American Grill in Tampa

    Eats American Grill

    I have been driving by Eats American Grill in south Tampa for several months en route to my dancing lessons. We never wanted to eat and then attempt a Tango, so we put the idea on the back burner...

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  • Main Bar Sandwich Shop in Sarasota

    Main Bar Sandwich Shop

    A recent Saturday morning found the husband and me kayaking around downtown St. Petersburg....

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  • Hula Bay Club in Tampa

    Hula Bay Club

    School’s out for summmmmer! Sing it with me, folks. To celebrate the last day of school, The Husband took me over to Hula Bay Club...

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  • Floridian Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa

    Floridian Cuban Sandwiches

    Oh, I am in love…with this sandwich from The Floridian. It is touted as “The Finest Cuban Sandwich on the Planet”…

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