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  • La Maison Du Macaron

    We were impressed by the number of classic and unique flavours, ranging from vanilla, chocolate, raspberry to prune, strawberry rhubarb and caramelized macadamia! So many to choose from! They also come out with new flavours each season. On our visit, they featured the fall/winter flavours such as nougat, mango & orange, matcha tea with red current (fave) and chocolate & espalette.

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  • Resto La Banquise

    A trip to Montreal isn't complete without some poutine! We headed to Resto la banquise, a famous restaurant, known for their delicious fries & cheese curd dish without hesitation. It's located a few blocks East of Rue St. Denis, one of Montreal's main streets with great shopping.

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  • L'Avenue

    Line ups usually mean that there's genuinely good food or over rated fad that's been hyped up. L'Avenue is definitely not just a fad and we were willing to wait outside in the cold to find out just how good the their popular brunch is!

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  • Les Trois Petits Bouchons

    Les trois petits bouchons definitely set the standard high for us with this amazing dinner the first night. Great ambiance, tasty menu and their wine explains why it's such a popular spot in Montreal. The service was good but staff could probably be a bit more friendly and welcome. This restaurant is definitely under rated for tourists visiting Montreal as it is more of a local hot spot!

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  • Schwart'z

    And here is the famous Smoked Meat Sandwich. It was definitely worth the wait! A very generous amount of smoked meat sandwiched in between two pieces of rye bread with a light touch of yellow mustard. You definitely won't even need anything else on the sandwich as the smoked meat itself was already so flavourful! The mustard was a great addition and gave the sandwich a kick without overwhelming the meat.

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  • Fonda Lola

    For a true, authentic Mexican Fiesta, head to Fonda Lola and you will be impressed. Be sure to try all of Andres' unique Tequila cocktails with the fingerling lime!

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  • Sizzlo'z

    The Double Kebab Set came with two chicken kebabs in mild and BBQ garlic with a side of coleslaw. The BBQ garlic was definitely one of our favourite sauces as it was very tasty with a slight hint of sweetness. The mild kebab was not as flavourful as the BBQ garlic but definitely a good choice for someone who wants to keep it simple. The chicken was cooked well and quite moist.

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  • Maestro S.V.P

    The Seared Red Tuna was great! I know I should have ordered it rare, but decided to go with medium rare. It was overcooked when it was served to me, but I didn't complain as it was still very yummy! It was served with vegetable stir fry and rosemary fingerling potatoes. I thought the rum & coconut cream sauce tied everything together beautifully.

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  • Mei Nung Beef Noodle House

    The last noodle bowl was the Beef & Sesame Paste. This one was a bit different as it wasn't a soup based broth but a thicker sesame paste that you mix with the noodles. The taste of the sesame wasn't as strong as I would have liked but it was still enjoyable.

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  • Reds Midtown Tavern

    We were very excited to attend their media dinner to finally try Chef Matt's infamous Crispy Potato Flatbread we kept hearing about! After trying it ourselves, we can't stop talking about how delicious it is. If you haven't tried yet, you must!

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  • Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

    House Smoked Halibut Fishcakes The fishcakes were a delicious way to start the meal as they were very fresh and full of flavour. We would definitely recommend ordering the fishcakes!

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  • Seven Lives

    Camarones a la diabla spicy shrimp with cheese ($5). The taco portions were very generous and quite big compared to some of the other taco places weve been to. One taco is the perfect snack size and two tacos will fill you up pretty quickly and make a great meal. A word of caution though, the tacos are pretty messy to eat with all the sauce and fillings. One bonus is that the taco has double tortilla so you wont have to worry about your taco ripping mid meal.

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  • Gusto 101

    I ordered the Da Dee pizza ($15.50) with sweet potatoes, lacinate kale, local fior di latte, carmelized Spanish onions, pecorino and rosemary. It had the perfect amount of sweet and savoury from all the different components of the pizza. As in most restaurants, the pizza crust was very thin allowing the flavours and texture of the toppings to really stand out without having overwhelming amounts of dough.

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  • Hodo Kwaja

    As the very first walnut cake bakery in Canada, Hodo Kwaja has been in service since 1992. What's great about visiting this bakery is that you'll see the process of the employees making the walnut cakes right in front of your eyes!

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  • The Tea Room

    The sandwiches and veggies were already quite filling but afternoon tea is not quite complete without the desserts. Even before the dessert stand comes out, you can smell the scones already. Although the plate itself doesn't look like much, the taste was enough to make up for it. The scones were crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. With a little butter or jam, it just melted in your mouth. The tarts were also delicious as well and the perfect portion for my sweet tooth without being too heavy.

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  • Grille The in Toronto

    Grille The

    I've been going to The Grill for years and years but never got around to writing a review on them. Every time I go there, I'm in the habit of just enjoying my meal there as a customer so I always forget to take pictures! Read on to see why this is one of my favourites in the neighbourhood.

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  • BnC Cake House

    This location is the one I visit the most often to pick up some of my favourites. I go at least once every two weeks but sometimes even every week. Korean bread & buns are something everyone I know enjoys and i love that they're packaged separately for convenience. This location has a variety of offerings to customers whether you're dropping by to grab a few baked treats or staying in and enjoying some dessert and tea.

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  • Lobby Lounge & Bar

    Overall, the tea was great, the service and ambiance, exceptional. We thought the scones were delicious but the finger sandwiches and pastries weren't too memorable. However, just the entire experience here differentiates itself well from others with service and atmosphere. The Lobby Lounge at the Shangri-La Toronto is definitely a must-visit!

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  • Touhenboku Ramen

    So, what makes Touhenboku special? They focus on and serve chicken-based broth rather than the popular pork-based broth all the other ramen spots are offering right now in Toronto. According to Zuimei Okuyama, the owner, this is the new trend in Japan as the collagen from the chicken is beneficial to the skin. Having heard that, I vow to come here again and again!

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  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga

    Bamiyan Kabob

    We also got Sultan Kabob on the side which includes 1 skewer of Barg Kabob and 1 skewer of Kofta Kabob. This was probably my favourite part of the meal. The meal was so soft and it tasted like steak .I would definitely recommend the Sultani Kabob dinner or go back for more!

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  • Stack Smokehouse

    Another one of their feature items is the Smmmoked Ribs ($18), which is also smoked in house. The plate includes a half rack of ribs that could easily be shared between two people! The meat was very tender and just fell off the bone. The ribs had a spicy kick to it that was faint in the beginning but grew as you continued eating the ribs.

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  • Dundas Street Grille

    They have friendly and attentive servers, delicious food and with an old-school diner vibe that you'll appreciate. I personally love that it's always bustling with people chatting and enjoying each others company. If you're in need of a yummy breakfast, we suggest giving Dundas Street Grille a try - it'll quickly become your favourite too!

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  • Santouka Ramen

    Overall, I thought Santouka was medicore. If I had to wait to get a table, I would prefer going somewhere else. Of all the ramen places Ive tried, I still prefer Santosei but the hunt continues for the best ramen in Toronto!

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  • Drake One Fifty

    Located in the heard of the financial district, Drake One Fifty greets you with gigantic glass doors, wall of New York warehouse steel-framed windows, Brothers Dressler-designed wooden pergola, mixture of postmodern leather booths, handmade geometric Moroccan tiles, and a retro photobooth all coming together for Drake's signature contemporary-meets-classic atmosphere.

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  • DEQ Ritz Carlton

    Overall, the Afternoon Tea service at the Deq Ritz Carlton wow-ed us with presentation and attentive service. Evey thing was delightful to say the least and really cheered me up on such a rainy and gloomy day!

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  • Rock Lobster Food Co. in Toronto

    Rock Lobster Food Co.

    We started off with our drinks. Their infamous Rock Lobster Caesar ($12.00) for Sarah and the White Rabbit for myself. The Rock Lobster Caesar has a Nova Scotia Lobster Tail as a garnish - how cool! My White Rabbit ($10.00) looks rather boring beside it, but it was a refreshing Tequila drink. Just what I needed after a long week at work!

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  • Sasaya Japanese Restaurant

    At Japanese Izakayas, it's recommended that you order various dishes to share, which we did. Between the two of us, we shared ten dishes (are you impressed?).

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  • Biff's Bistro

    The table settings and the service level definitely showed we were at a classy, Parisian style restaurant, but the approachable menu and the decor of the space showed a more casual, cool and "bistro" type of setting - a great combo!

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  • Big Daddy's Crabshack & Oyster Bar in Toronto

    Big Daddy's Crabshack & Oyster Bar

    Overall, I am so glad my friend took me to Big Daddy's. I am such a big fan and I can't wait to go back for their Clam Chowder and Popcorn Chicken. There are so many on the menu I didn't get to try on this visit that I can't wait to try on my next! The service was great as well - from the moment they seated us, they were attentive and knowledgeable about suggesting what we should order.

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  • Kenzo Ramen

    The soup base wasn't bad, it was flavourful and you could really taste the garlic. Even though I appreciate the garlic flavour, I would have preferred it to be chopped up a bit more so that I didn't bite into it rather than chunk & pieces of garlic.

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  • Lion City Restaurant in Mississasuga

    Lion City Restaurant

    Overall, Lion City provides great value for authentic Asian cuisine that isn't abundant in Mississauga.

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  • Millie Creperie

    My personal favourite was the Green Tea Parfait ($5.95) with cornflakes, whipped cream, green tea gelato and azuki beans. I might be slightly biased as I love anything green tea related but regardless the parfait was well balanced with all of its components.

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  • The White Brick Kitchen in Toronto

    The White Brick Kitchen

    Overall, I left the White Brick Kitchen happy with my meal. For the price, it was of tremendous value. Don't forget to head there a little earlier on the weekends to avoid the brunch rush at noon!

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  • Chinese Dumpling House in Markham

    Chinese Dumpling House

    Overall, the restaurant was good, all of that food only cost about $25 for two people. We had leftovers as well and felt incredibly full so we probably could have gotten away with ordering much less! For the price and convenience, Chinese Dumpling House is definitely a good place to go for a quick bite!

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  • To-ne Sushi in toronto

    To-ne Sushi

    There's a lot of sushi restaurants in Toronto that I like but if I had to pick one place for creative & delicious rolls, it would have to be To-Ne Sushi, located right on Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue...

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  • Si Andiamo Pasta Plus

    Since we've started blogging, I'm always on the hunt to try new restaurants and stray from the usual big name chain restaurants. For my birthday dinner I decided to try out Si Andiamo, an Italian in Streetsville after recommendations from a friend...

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  • Terroni Adelaide

    Had an intense craving for Italian one night for dinner so my friend and I decided to try a place we both haven't been to. Terroni was on my mind for a while now so thought this was the perfect opportunity...

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  • Perfect Kitchen in Mississauga

    Perfect Kitchen

    The Perfect Kitchen has been around in Mississauga for a while now and it always used to be a family favourite but it's been months since we've last gone...

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  • The Living Room at the Windsor Arms Hotel

    We LOVE going to new places and trying new things so we were both super excited to be invited to the launch of Windsor Arms Hotel's newly renovated restaurant...

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  • Sansotei Ramen in Toronto

    Sansotei Ramen

    Maybe Toronto's ramen craze is not a fad afterwhile. Maybe it`s the fact that it can be a quick meal at lunch or something to warm you up on those chilly evenings that make it so popular but either way...

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  • Momofuku Milk Bar in Toronto

    Momofuku Milk Bar

    New York City's popular dessert bar has made its way to Toronto to join the rest of the Momofuku family by David Chang. Momofuku Milk Bar is a bakery-inspired dessert "cafe" started by Christina Tosi alongside David Chang...

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  • Jack Astors Bar And Grill in Toronto

    Jack Astors Bar And Grill

    After meeting people from different countries while travelling, it's become pretty clear that poutine is really just a Canadian favourite....not many other people have heard of it and it's definitely one of the things I missed most while living abroad...

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  • Bymark

    There are those high-end restaurants that you save for special occasions. We want to suggest this particular place Monica recently visited to celebrate her anniversary...

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  • Walker's Fish Market

    For my birthday I decided to try out a new restaurant, one that I've passed by multiple times in Mississauga but never actually ended up going. We decided to head over to Walker's Fish Market for lunch...

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  • Stoney's Bread Company

    My friend has been telling me about Stoney's Bread Company, which was featured on Canada's You Gotta Eat Here! We finally decided to go this past weekend...

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  • Jump Restaurant

    Being an O&B fan, I decided to try one of their restaurant that I haven't been to before, called Jump for another Winterlicious dinner...

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  • Sassafraz Restaurant in Toronto

    Sassafraz Restaurant

    For those of you who are not familiar, Winterlicious is a culinary event in Toronto that happens during the winter months (stating the obvious, here) where restaurant and cafes offer a prix fixe menu...

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  • Kinton Ramen in Toronto

    Kinton Ramen

    Do you have what it takes to be a Kinton bowler?? I too, had no idea what that meant but saw it surfacing on the internet everywhere!! You're officially a Kinton bowler once you've finished a bowl of Kinton Ramen...

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  • Canoe

    Canoe is considered one of Toronto's top restaurants and under the Oliver & Bonacini brand. Getting a reservation there was on a whole level and my friend had to call 250 times before we finally got a reservation...

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  • Miga

    There's nothing like going out to a restaurant on a Friday night after 30 cm of snow has just fallen. You can pretty much guarantee that restaurants won't be busy...

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  • Thobors Boulangerie Patisserie Café in Toronto

    Thobors Boulangerie Patisserie Café

    Last year, my co-worker Lindsay (check out her blog) took me to this lovely cafe on Mt. Pleasant, where I had such a delectable lunch. I forgot about this place until last week, where I was in the area...

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  • Francesca Italian Bakery & Delicatessen in Toronto

    Francesca Italian Bakery & Delicatessen

    Still in shock that we ate all that food within such a small time frame. Thank goodness all the portions were small and we split it between a few of us so we could try more! That idea definitely paid off in the end!...

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  • Ding Dong Pastries

    This past weekend, we booked a Kensington Market Sweets Tour with Tasty Tours, which is basically a walking tour of a district in downtown where you try different shops and learn about the foods...

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  • Poncho's Bakery

    This past weekend, we booked a Kensington Market Sweets Tour with Tasty Tours, which is basically a walking tour of a district in downtown where you try different shops and learn about the foods...

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  • Bier Markt in Toronto

    Bier Markt

    Went to try out the new Bier Markt that opened on Queensway (Etobicoke). I've been to the location downtown on the Esplanade and always had a good experience there. Their delicious food...

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  • Salad King Restaurant

    This popular restaurant located just North of Yonge/Dundas area offers a variety of delicious Thai dishes at a very affordable price. It's no wonder why Salad King the go-to place for Ryerson University and other college students...

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  • Green Papaya in Toronto

    Green Papaya

    If you're around a busy area like Yonge & Eglinton, there's always a lot of restaurants to choose from. However, when I want Thai/ Vietnamese food, I find myself returning to Green Papaya, a cozy...

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  • Toji Sushi in Etobicoke

    Toji Sushi

    Sunday night, I was craving sushi pizza, so my sister and I went to Toji Sushi (our go-to sushi restaurant for sushi pizza) for dinner...

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  • Say Cheese in Toronto

    Say Cheese

    For lunch, we made a visit to get some grilled cheese sandwiches at Say Cheese Toronto, a cozy retro-diner style shop in the Annex. It's super easy to get to...

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  • South St. Burger Co. in Toronto

    South St. Burger Co.

    I love a good burger so when I saw South St. Burger Co. just around the corner from my work, I had to try it for lunch...

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  • Ruelo Patisserie

    Just a short walk North of Yonge & Eglinton, this the second location of this popular French Patisserie, Ruelo. They offer fresh bread...

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  • Annona at The Park Hyatt Yorkville

    As a post-birthday meetup, my friend and I decided to go for some Afternoon Tea since we were meeting at an awkward mid-afternoon time...

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  • Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Toronto

    Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar

    Trying new restaurants during Summerlicious could be a risk but after visiting Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar for lunch, we were impressed at all three courses of the menu, their friendly staff and the beautiful interior...

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  • The Burger's Priest in Toronto

    The Burger's Priest

    We had to get a burger fix ASAP as it's been a while since we've had one (over a week) and we wanted to check out the new location on Yonge & Lawrence. If you're a burger-lover in Toronto...

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  • JaBistro in Toronto


    Who hasn't heard of Toronto's new sushi hot spot, JaBistro by now? Opened by James Kim, the man behind Guu Izakaya and Kinton Ramen (we also love those places) in late 2012...

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  • Rosewater Supper Club in Toronto

    Rosewater Supper Club

    Rosewater Supper Club is another restaurant by the Liberty Group (Spice Route & Ciao Wine Bar are also under that umbrella). I've been to the Rosewater...

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  • Holy Chuck in Toronto

    Holy Chuck

    As fans of burgers, we had to take the time to go to the much-talked-about burger joint in Toronto call Holy Chuck. It's been facebook/twitter/blogged about by many people and it was finally our turn...

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  • Home of Hot Taste

    If you're looking for a Korean Restaurant that can put your mouth on fire, the Home of Hot Taste is just what you're looking for! Located in the busy yonge & bloor area, this restaurant specializes in spicy chicken dishes...

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  • Pho House in Toronto

    Pho House

    Who doesn't love PHO? Pho is definitely one of our favourite dishes that we crave on a cold day. As many of you know, Pho is a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle dish with broth, beef, bean sprouts and cilantro...

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  • Momiji in Toronto


    Yet another great sushi place in Etobicoke that I love to go to from time to time is Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill on Bloor Street & Royal York...

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  • Taste of Thailand

    I am a huge fan of Thai food. It was my second time going to Taste of Thailand Cuisine for dinner and I forgot how delicious it was there! Located by Dundas St West and Kipling in Etobicoke (just outside GTA Toronto)...

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  • Joons Korean Cuisine

    Dak Galbi (Spiced Chicken) is a popular South Korean dish that everyone should try. In Toronto, Joon's Korean Cuisine is known as the place to go for Dak Galbi and you can definitely tell, as they always have a full house...

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  • Guu Sakabar in Toronto

    Guu Sakabar

    Mondays are always the worst day of the week for me. Its so hard to wake up in the morning after having relaxed for two days on the weekend. To beat the Monday blues, we decided to head over to Guu Sakabar after work for some catching up...

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  • 5th Element in Toronto

    5th Element

    Our taste buds were asking for some Indian food, so without hesitation, we headed over to 5th Elementt Restaurant on Queen Street. I've been to 5th Elementt for Summerlicious in 2011 and had such a good experience that any excuse to return was a good one...

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  • Banh Mi Boys in Toronto

    Banh Mi Boys

    This little shop, famous for its Vietnamese Sub Sandwiches, also called Banh Mi has been making waves in Toronto since it opened its first store in 2011. Their menu is simple with three different items...

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  • Paramount Fine Foods in Toronto

    Paramount Fine Foods

    The best thing about working downtown is there are so many different restaurants to try! You can choose from a variety of chain restaurants or unique one-of-a-kind restaurants. My friends...

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  • Oddseoul

    Oddseoul has been on my list of snackbars to try since it opened. As the second restaurant by the Han brothers (Swish by Han), it was getting great reviews and press. I've only heard great things about their first restaurant...

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  • Ykn Canada

    For some korean barbecue, I paid a visit to a restaurant called Arisu on Bloor, just east of Christie station...

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  • Chodang Soon Tofu

    We can never get enough of Korean food so we went to Chodang soon tofu this past Sunday. It's a little restaurant that doesn't seat many but getting a table never seems to be an issue...

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  • Crush Wine Bar in Toronto

    Crush Wine Bar

    My dinner at Crush Wine Bar ends my 2013 Summerlicious adventures. I think I did pretty well this year given a hectic work schedule and just overall lack of energy after a day at the office...

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  • Spice Route

    When I think about the times I had sushi because of its low price (you know the ones I'm talking about on Bloor Street), I can tell you that the quality usually suffers, which explains why they can sell at such a low price...

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  • The Social Cupcake in Mississauga

    The Social Cupcake

    Over the weekend, we were so excited to visit a cupcake shop in Port Credit (in Mississauga) that Clara dropped by a couple of weeks ago accidentally and fell in love with...

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  • Osteria Dei Ganzi

    After hearing about how awesome the new Italian restaurant with a killer patio was, I had to try it out for myself. Osteria Dei Ganzi, better known as Ganzi Toronto is right on Jarvis St. and Wellesley...

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  • Snug Harbour Seafood Bar And Grill in Mississauga

    Snug Harbour Seafood Bar And Grill

    Patio season has arrived in Ontario, Canada (it's really about time)! With the weather getting warmer everyday, there's more of a reason to dine Al fresco at restaurants with outdoor spaces...

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  • The 3 Brewers Restaurant Micro-Brewery in Oakville

    The 3 Brewers Restaurant Micro-Brewery

    Oakville recently got a new restaurant called The 3 Brewers in the Winston Park plaza. It's a great location because the theater is there so it's perfect for date night! They also have a location downtown at Yonge and Dundas...

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  • JOEY Yorkdale in Toronto

    JOEY Yorkdale

    WOW it's been such a long time since our last post. We will try our best to keep the blogging momentum going again :) During the break...

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  • Hannah's Kitchen in Toronto

    Hannah's Kitchen

    This gem of a place is a popular go-to at lunch time for those working in the Yonge & Eglinton area. With fresh & delicious daily specials to entice anyone's taste buds, it's no surprise Hannah's Kitchen has been Midtown's favorite since 1990...

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  • The Kathi Roll Express

    Have you ever had a Kathi Roll or even heard of one? We certainly haven't so when we were invited to a media dinner at The Kathi Roll Express we were super excited to try something new...

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  • Piggy's

    For our dinner tonight, we decided on a Korean BBQ place in Thornhill (Uptown Toronto), just North of Yonge St. and Steeles Ave. This place is a pretty well known and popular restaurant in the Korean community for their 'aged kimchi & five-layer pork belly bbq' (such a mouthful)...

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  • Homestyle Fish & Chips in Mississauga

    Homestyle Fish & Chips

    I have been craving fish and chips for the longest time and when I heard about Homestyle Fish and Chips, I finally went to curb my cravings! Before going, I read a few reviews and most said that this was the best fish and chips in Mississauga...

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  • Lime Asian Cuisine

    Yonge and Eglinton is a great place to find something to eat with all the offices around there. I would always walk by Lime, which is a Thai cuisine restaurant. The restaurant has large open concept...

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  • Apricot Tree Cafe in Mississauga

    Apricot Tree Cafe

    Eating out in Mississauga isn't as interesting as eating out in Toronto because there are so many different option downtown. Whenever my friends and I eat out in Mississauga, it's usually the typical chain restaurants like Jack Astor's, Milestones etc...

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  • Song Cook Mississauga in Mississauga

    Song Cook Mississauga

    One of our go-to restaurants for Korean food is Song Cook's - the Mississauga branch. It's kind of hard to find this place as they have 3 different banners (they really need to change that asap)...

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  • Ciao Wine Bar

    I've been to Ciao Wine Bar a few times and had both good and not-so-good experiences. However, I always find myself returning here and recommending this Italian Restaurant/ Wine bar to my friends...

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  • Messini Gyros

    Messini Authentic Gyros had their grand opening for their Yonge & Eglinton location on Monday after the long anticipation. To celebrate the grand opening, they were giving away free gyro's to the public...

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  • La Carnita

    La Carnita has been on my foodie bucket list for quite some time now but I forgot about it until my friend Meghan recently brought it up again! Just a 20 minute walk from work on College, we decided to head there for a double date...

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  • Globe Bistro in Toronto

    Globe Bistro

    With Summerlicious finally here in Toronto, Clara and I were super excited to try a few restaurants that we haven't been to. The very first visit was to the Globe Bistro on the Danforth (at Broadview Station) right before you hit Greektown.

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