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Reviews from My Happy Fork


  • MI Pequena Hacienda in Lexington

    MI Pequena Hacienda

    Vi Va La Mexico! Grab your maracas, we’re going to the top rated Mexican Restaurant in Lex, Mi Pequena Hacienda...

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  • Doodles LLC

    With our bellies on empty we drove over to get a morning fill-up at one of our favorite breakfast spots in town, Doodles. Before I tell you about our trip to this trendy spot, let me fill you in on its history...

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  • Saul Good

    MyHappyFork decided to see what makes the Saul Good Restaurant one of Lexington’s favorite place to eat. Saul Good Restaurant & Pub tells a story of coming to be as the dream of a jewelers son...

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  • Bologna's Joe-Restaurant in Lexington

    Bologna's Joe-Restaurant

    Buongiorno and welcome to another review from MyHappyFork! After scouting one of the most popular pizza joint’s in town, our “associates” have good things to say about Joe Bologna’s. We’ve found that the rumors about them weren’t just a bunch of bologna...

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