Looking for romantic restaurants for Valentine's Day?

Reviews from Delicious!


  • Cobalt Grille in Virginia Beach

    Cobalt Grille

    It's a very pretty place. The restaurant opens up to a beautiful, dimly lit, cozy lounge and bar area. The menu includes a tapas selection which is only served in the bar. I think my next visit will be in the bar but on Friday night...

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  • Woody McGees Barstro in Virginia Beach

    Woody McGees Barstro

    Woody McGees Barstro is located in the Holland Plaza Shopping Center on Holland Road in Virginia Beach. I discovered it on Urbanspoon when I was looking for a place to have brunch on the weekend.

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  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers in Chesapeake

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

    Iíve visited Red Robin Gourmet Burgers countless numbers of times but this is my first review. Why? I have no idea. Today probably wasnít the best time to visit because Iím dieting...

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  • Burtons Grill LLC in Virginia Beach

    Burtons Grill LLC

    After a few hours of shopping on Friday I was in the mood for seafood and I thought Burtons would be a good choice. Their menu is quite varied and I'm sure that Burtons can accommodate whatever it is that you are looking for...

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