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Reviews from Musings and Mutterings of a Montreal Madame


  • ZENI Ethiopian Restaurant

    There are 2 sections to the restaurant – and we were fortunate to score a table in the more traditional section with its wicker tables and low stools. These are perfectly suited to the very traditional way the meal is served – on a single large platter with a pancake like flat bread serving as the base on which the food is lovingly placed.

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  • Kasbah in San Francisco


    My personal favorite courses were the Scallops (I ate mine – and my son's), the sous-vide egg, and the deserts. Oh man, the deserts. We ordered one off the a la carte menu - a blackberry creation that was delicious, and then enjoyed the 2 desserts that came with the tasting menu.

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  • Red Mule Pub Inc in Brooksville

    Red Mule Pub Inc

    There isn’t a lot to either the restaurant, or the menu – it’s the Ruben, silly. But they also have a few other sandwiches – Pastrami, Turkey, Salami, even Liverwurst. And a short but yummy dessert list – including my favorite – brownie with whipped cream...

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  • Rene's Bistro

    We got trapped – hungry for dinner before the theatre, on a Saturday night – with no reservations in Stratford, Ontario. And I won’t do Chains, or Pizza. So finding a place that I’d enjoy was not going to be easy...

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  • Alex H Restaurant

    We found parking easily (a plus), and walked in at exactly 5:27 – maybe a tad early. They greeted us quite nicely, and told us that they were fully booked. When we explained that we’d be in and out by 6:45...

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  • Chowders Cafe & Deli

    Perkins Cove in Ogunquit – finding a reasonable and enjoyable bite to eat without standing in line or fighting crowds is almost a super-human task. The main restaurants, conveniently located right on the parking lot (delightful)...

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  • Pazzo Ristorante Bar & Pizzeria in Stratford

    Pazzo Ristorante Bar & Pizzeria

    Sometimes it really is location – location. And Pazzo is perfectly located – right on the walk way between the main theatres in Stratford. It’s insanely hard to avoid getting pulled in. Between the location...

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  • Larkin's on the Lake

    Ok – I hate to say this – but I liked Larkins on the Lake so much – I ate there 2 times in a row. I mean – how embarrassing is that for a high-end foodie? I’m completely guilty of what I complain about other people doing...

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  • The Bridge Waterfront Restaurant

    We actually wanted to eat at Rib City – relatively small, not super well located, but reputed to have great ribs. Unfortunately, we had issues finding them. They recently moved – and the GPS found their original location...

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  • Restaurant Azuma

    I love going to the theatre at the Bain St. Michel – but it’s not my favorite location. Why? Because it’s a long walk from the nearest metro stop...

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  • Fidhermans Catch Restaurant

    What possess people to take a movie – even a hit movie – and transform it into a Musical? Imagine the conversation – “Well, we made millions on the movie...

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  • Aikawa in Dollard-des-Ormeaux


    First off – the lunch is just $15 for the ‘initiation’ – a plate of 15 maki’s – all different, all yummy. Included is soup and salad and tea. So to my mind – perfect...

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  • Restaurant Asha

    The problem was trying to find an open restaurant on Monday night in the Student ghetto area around McGill. We were going to the ‘Discovery Series’ at the MAI on Jeanne-Mance, and time was tight...

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  • White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport

    White Barn Inn

    We discovered the White Barn Inn several years ago. Located in Kennebunkport – known as the summer get-away spot for several US presidents...

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  • Hard 8 BBQ

    You arrive in a strange city – and you are hungry. How do you find a great place to eat? Frommers? Fodor? Insight? My problem with guides is simple – they are by default dated. The reviewer went there – liked it – left, reviewed it, than a year – or more – later, it got published...

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  • Oyster Shell the in Fort Myers

    Oyster Shell the

    Confession – up until last night, the best fried oysters I’d ever had were in New Orleans – and I’ve spent years trying to find fried oysters like those – plump, juicy, slightly salty, and totally no fishy flavor...

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  • Restaurant Charcos

    I do love a good Portuguese Chicken place. They roast their chickens with such – well – love and affection that you just know it’s going to taste great. And they offer veggies. Ok – the veggies are not the center of the plate...

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  • PF Chang in Montreal

    PF Chang

    My first experience with PF Chang was in Florida – I was hungry – they were there. It worked out. I thought the restaurant was beautiful, and the food quite delicious. So I was very excited to discover that they were opening a branch right around the corner (sort of) from my office...

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  • Madison's New York Grill and Bar in Dollard-des-Ormeaux

    Madison's New York Grill and Bar

    But Madison’s New York Grill and Bar – at least the one at the Marche de l’Ouest – is so consistently good, so easy to like, so diet friendly while looking so extravagant – it’s hard to resist saying something.

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  • Madison Brewery Co in Bennington

    Madison Brewery Co

    Turns out that my daughter let her driver’s license lapse – and that entailed a not so quick trip to a DMV. Problem – we’re in Maine! And Vermont is not the next state over – nope...

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  • El Gaucho Inca in Fort Myers

    El Gaucho Inca

    We ‘googled’ Best Seafood in Fort Myers – and the top restaurant according to Urbanspoon, Yelp – and Tripadvisor was a place called ‘El Gaucho Inca’...

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  • The Captain's Table

    Oh dear, I just can’t believe this – I’m beginning to think that every restaurant in Florida has won an award of some kind. They must give those things out like candy at Halloween...

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  • Posana Cafe in Asheville

    Posana Cafe

    Yes – I know – I’m bouncing around in location – I actually ate at the Posana on June 15, 2013 – and only got around to reviewing it today – because missing this one was not an option...

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  • Restaurant Budapest

    The Budapest is a tiny storefront restaurant that we fell into the other night. We were intrigued by the combination of flowers, tablecloths, and smiling hostess/chef...

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  • Restaurant Sahib

    The Sahib Restaurant is not the only restaurant convenient to my office – but it is the only Indian alternative – and as such gets my business about 8 times a year or so...

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  • Mezcla

    We’d had the Mezcla recommended a couple of times – both for the price point (not too expensive), and the quality of the Tasting Menu. At $49 for 6 courses – it’s a bargain of outstanding proportions...

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  • Imadake - Japanese Pub in Montreal

    Imadake - Japanese Pub

    The Imadake is in a great location if you are doing the theatre at Dawson – and need a quick bite to eat, but heads up on the noise level. This is a pub...

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  • Petit Tokebi (Le)

    The Petit Tokebi is one of those hole in the wall restaurants that without directions and a referral – you’d never find. Well – what can you expect in a city with over 5000 restaurants – not all of them can be on the ‘Main’...

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  • Varano's Italian Restaurant in Wells

    Varano's Italian Restaurant

    And my go to option at Wells Beach in Maine is Varano’s. We started going there when nobody else went. It was a brand new restaurant – oddly located in a timeshare resort – but it advertised fresh pasta...

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  • Angelina's Ristorante & Wine Bar Inc

    I’m not totally sure why I so frequently get disappointed at restaurants in Ogunquit. Ok – I’m not keen on restaurants that charge over $300 for 7 people – that’s a lot of money for dinner with 2 kids...

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  • Raja Fine Indian Cuisine in Stratford

    Raja Fine Indian Cuisine

    Stuck with having to eat between Matinees and Evening Performances – ie: 5:00 to 7:30 – and not wanting ‘fast food’, the Raja has always been one of our go to options. The room is lovely...

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  • Gibby's Restaurant in Montr?al

    Gibby's Restaurant

    The challenge – come up with a suggestion for family, friends, out-of-towners that want a good meal, in surroundings that say – old Montreal. One easy choice is Gibby’s. The room is so lovely – stone walls, wooden floors, gleaming silver...

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  • Old Prune The

    I adore eating a meal at the Prune in Stratford. Yes every option is Prix-Fixe – but there are lots of options – a ‘Chef School’ option for $49, a ‘Vegetarian’ option for $59, a 4 course meal for $85...

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  • Trattoria La Festa in

    Trattoria La Festa

    We eat at Trattoria La Festa almost every time we go to Stowe, Vermont – the consistency is so amazingly – well – consistent. You know you will have a great meal, you know the service will be pleasant...

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  • Rundles Restaurant in Stratford

    Rundles Restaurant

    Used to be that getting a reservation at Rundles was impossible. You needed reservations months ahead, and even then it would be a challenge...

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