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  • Lancasters BBQ in Huntersville

    Lancasters BBQ

    The pork was moist and fairly tender but had little smoke, even in the pieces of bark in my coarsely pulled plate. The two sauces on the table were a vinegar, eastern sauce and a heavier ketchup-y barbecue sauce. I stayed away from the heavier sauce but the vinegar sauce complemented the meat pretty well. Too bad about the lack of smoke, though – likely due to the pork being smoked in a gas or electric smoker.

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  • Queen City Q in Charlotte

    Queen City Q

    Perhaps I’m a bit of a nancy, but the BBQ slaw was a little too spicy for me – still a welcome menu item though. One thing that always gets our collective goat is if a restaurant lacks hush puppies, and unfortunately this is the case for Queen City Q. Sad, really, because otherwise this is a very solid barbecue restaurant all around.

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  • Elwood's BBQ, Burgers and Ribs in Charlotte

    Elwood's BBQ, Burgers and Ribs

    So Elwood’s Barbecue & Burger Bar exceeded my somewhat (and perhaps unfairly) low expectations going in. If it weren’t all the way in south Ballantyne I could see myself maybe going again in the right circumstances. As it stands, it’s an average barbecue restaurant for Charlotte.

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  • Bar-B-Q King Drive In Restaurant in Charlotte

    Bar-B-Q King Drive In Restaurant

    Bar-B-Q King isn’t essential if you are looking for Charlotte’s best barbecue, but it’s a neat drive-in experience that is worth checking out before the drive-in itself possibly becomes extinct in the coming years.

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  • RandR Bar-B-Que in Concord

    RandR Bar-B-Que

    The staff was friendly, the food was decent, but if you are passing by the Poplar Tent Rd exit on I-85 looking for true barbecue feel free to keep on driving.

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  • R O'S Barbecue in Gastonia

    R O'S Barbecue

    Their version of barbecue is some mutant hybrid that doesn't fit the definition of traditional barbecue in any way.

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  • Fletcher's Kyle BBQ & Catering in Gastonia

    Fletcher's Kyle BBQ & Catering

    It would be an understatement to say that I expected more from Kyle Fletcher's. I can't see how this place was named the winner of the Barbecue Bracket by the Charlotte Observer panel of judges, unless those folks had a vastly different experience than I did.

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  • Bubba's Barbecue in Charlotte

    Bubba's Barbecue

    Monk and I like to try lots of different barbecue joints, but I think both of us going in knew that Bubba's wasn't going to stack up against some of our favorites. In the end, I think we really made a mistake going there. Barbecue is one of my favorite things on the planet, but when it's done wrong, it just makes me sad. There aren't enough meals in this life to waste on mediocre 'cue.

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  • Farmer's BBQ in Charlotte

    Farmer's BBQ

    Farmer’s BBQ is located in a Highland Creek shopping center just north of the Charlotte University Research business park. Inside, the restaurant’s utilitarian guts is in stark contrast to its brick facade...

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  • Bill Spoon's Barbecue in Charlotte

    Bill Spoon's Barbecue

    In terms of Charlotte, Bill Spoon’s Barbecue is pretty much the closest thing we have to a well-respected, old school barbecue joint. Since 1963, first Bill Spoon himself and now his grandson Steve Jr...

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  • Bobbee O's in Charlotte

    Bobbee O's

    Regardless, it was a new place to try. I was actually pretty pumped when we walked into this place. It’s a hole-in-the wall joint in an obscure shopping center. It’s very understated inside, with just a couple of crappy tables and a cashier to take your order...

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  • Macs BBQ in Charlotte

    Macs BBQ

    Our next visit was the Charlotte staple, Mac’s Speed Shop. When I first moved to Charlotte, Monk and I used to be pretty regular visitors to Mac’s, but truth be told, that was partly due...

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  • Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte

    Midwood Smokehouse

    When I first heard that Midwood Smokehouse was opening back in 2011, I was pretty skeptical. After all, Charlotte isn’t exactly known for great barbecue. But it opened in one of my favorite areas of town, Plaza Midwood...

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  • Mint Hill Rock Store Bar B Que in Mint Hill

    Mint Hill Rock Store Bar B Que

    Trying to take feedback from Speedy to heart, on this visit to the Mint Hill location of Rock Store Bar-B-Q (click here for the review of the original Stallings location) I ordered a combo platter of...

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  • McKoy's Smokehouse and Saloon in Charlotte

    McKoy's Smokehouse and Saloon

    Still in search of the best barbecue in Charlotte, McKoy’s Smokehouse had actually come up in conversation with a friend a few weeks back whose co-worker recommended it to him as one of the better places in Charlotte...

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  • Sauceman's in Charlotte


    auceman’s has been around for a few years (2009, to be exact), but gained some fame when pitmaster Zach Goodyear won the NC episode of “BBQ Pitmasters” that was filmed in Charlotte last fall and aired earlier this year...

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  • Old Hickory House Restaurant in Charlotte

    Old Hickory House Restaurant

    In our review for Bill Spoon’s Barbecue, I stated that it is “pretty much the closest thing we have to a well-respected, old school barbecue joint.” Well, I may have misspoke a little bit because Old Hickory House Restauran...

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