Looking for restaurants open on Christmas?

Reviews from Bitter Sweet Life


  • Soirette Macarons & Tea in Vancouver

    Soirette Macarons & Tea

    After a hearty breakfast with MS at Marulilu Cafe, we headed off to find macarons! I did some research, but when we got to our first location, they didn't look good at all. So we decided to go to Soirette's =)

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  • Baan Wasana Thai

    Decided to hit up the beach today, but as we were enjoying the sunset. . . didn't realize time flew by and many restaurants were closed around Kitsilano...

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  • Marulilu Cafe in Vancouver

    Marulilu Cafe

    Meeting up with my gah zeh (god sister), MS today!! =D I was looking for a place that opened early, and stumbled upon this cute store! It's located right across from Broadway station of the Canada Line, very convenient! =)

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  • Sushi Garden in Burnaby

    Sushi Garden

    Popped in here since it's nearby and on the way to our next destination. It was pretty full when we first walked in, they told us around 25 minute wait, and it wasn't actually that long of a wait. This reminded me of Sushi Town...

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  • Cafe Medina in Vancouver

    Cafe Medina

    Happy first-ever BC Family Day!!! Also a bonus that it's so close to Chinese New Year hehe =D Wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year of the Snake~ Best of luck for the new year! So, today I met up with a few friends from high school whom...

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